Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Burke Class FFG - Star Trek A Call to Arms

Had to post some photos of the Burke Class FFG that I got around to painting recently. This is from the Starline 2400 series.

Painting process was simple too:
  • Basecoat in Administratum Grey
  • Wash in Badab Black Wash
  • Lightly wetbrush (almost a heavy drybrush) in Ulthuan Grey
  • Highlight parts of the model in Ulthuan Grey
  • Highlight engine intake and outlets in Ice Blue, with a highlight afterwards of Skink Blue
  • Paint the Impulse Engine in Mephiston Red, with a highlight afterwards in Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Paint navigation beacons in (port) Evil Sunz Scarlet and (starboard) Snot Green
A few more pic's (some a little out of focus sorry) of the model.
It's a small model and a nice fit for the J.J. Abrams interpretation of Star Trek

Star Trek A Call To Arms Faction Fleets

I'm a late comer to Star Trek - A Call To Arms. As such, I have been busy lately building the Star Fleets of the various factions in the Star Fleet Universe.
Hunting around for the various models to represent the key ships of the Next Generation era and the new J.J. Abrams interpretation of the original Star Trek, I decided that the most appropriate models, in a manageable size, were the MicroMachines, Heroclix and Starline 2400 ranges.
Thought I would post a few images to show the size comparison between MicroMachines, Heroclix and Starline 2400 minis.
Some of these ships are also from Shapeways and Studio Bergstrom. Bergstrom makes some excellent ship models compatible with Starline 2400, MicroMachines and Heroclix.

I showed the next series of models in another post. These can all be found on Shapeways.