Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Return of Nagash... in 10mm

I have really been enjoying Games Workshop's The End Times series of books lately.

I was a fan of The End Times material that came out about a decade ago and was salivating feverishly reading the latest releases. So a few months back when Nagash was releases, I cast my eyes around the miniature suppliers I was familiar with for a suitable model to represent Nagash for Warmaster.

Once again, Reaper Miniatures had a very nice model that I thought would work for the Great Necromancer. Reapers' Neb'nesew, Nefsokar Warlord (the metal version, not the plastic one) was the miniature that caught my eye. With the addition of some model parts from the GW Spirit Hosts, such as the odd spirit and one of the skulls from their base added to the Reaper mini's shoulder, plus an appropriate weapons arm spru from Reaper Miniatures spar bits, I settled upon this arrangement for Nagash.

I added one of Nagash's blasphemous tomes by cutting the book from its base of a Pendraken Mini's pedestal and sticking it on one of the spirit hosts wispy tendrils. A bit of greenstuff helped to soften out the irregular base of the book and make it fit in with the ethereal tendril.

The skull from one of the spirit host bases was perfect to attach to Nagash's shoulder as part of the Necromancer's armour in keeping with the full scale GW miniature.

The Great Necromancer sits well with Warmaster figures, towering over his risen minions with suitable menace.

I have toyed with the idea of having skeletons rising from the cracked earth at the Necromancers base, but at this time, I haven't really settled on whether to do this or not. So this will be close to my final configuration for the model.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

On the Painting Table... Tomb Kings Casket of Souls in 10mm

Here's the newest addition to my Tomb Kings army, a Casket of Souls.

The characters and skeleton pile are from the Warmaster Tomb Kings characters pack. The Anubis Box (better image here) on top of the skeleton pile comes from Crocodile Games.

From behind, the Liche Priest appears suspended above the ground. I cut this model from its base and glue it to the Anubis Box. I originally intended to greenstuff the base of the Liche Priest's robes to extend it to the skeleton pile. However I like the idea of the Liche Priest hovering behind the Anubis Box and so might leave it this way.

The images below give a better idea of the size of this piece compared to other units.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

On the Painting Table... Another Terrorgheist for the Vampire Counts Army

I wanted another Terrorgheist for my VC army. Trolling through the excellent miniatures at Reaper Miniatures, came across this little ripper! Their Skeletal Dragon model. And its a perfect size for Warmaster.

Great model, however I wanted a look more like the GW Terrorgheist. The Reaper Mini fits the bill nicely, but the wings weren't quite right. However, Reaper again to the rescue, I saw the wings from another undead dragon. The wings are available separately and are for a larger model than the Skeletal Dragon, but this works nicely in line with the look of the GW Terrorgheist.

It took a bit of creative editing, but cutting a limb off here and bending the model there, and by supporting the model in the right way, I came up with this for my second Terrorgheist...

I based it on an 8cm by 4cm base to give it stability. The right wing also acts as a support to stop the model tipping over. I mounted its back legs on rocks so that it looked similar to the GW model and was tempted to mount a character on the model. I may do another one in future just for that purpose.

You get the idea of the size of the original skeletal dragon and just how big the wings are. This little experiment turned out well I think.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

On the Painting Table... a Cairn Wraith, a Tomb Banshee and a Corpse Cart fit for a Vampire Counts Hero

Here's a few pictures of some of the latest additions to the Vampire Counts Warmaster Army.

First is a Cairn Wraith. This miniature is a Reaper Miniatures Wraith. I washed the model with soapy water to remove any residue from the mould process. Once dry, I washed the model in a purple ink several times in order to get a consistent effect across the recesses of the model's folds.

The Corpse Cart is a mishmash of bits. I used the base of a Warmaster chariot (I can't remember which type sorry) and added the sides of the Dreadfleet ship that I cut off to make my Mortis Engine. I then used a number of Pendraken Zombies, cutting the base off some and laying them down to makes corpses at the back of the cart. I then cut the base off a GW Vampire Counts Necromancer  model setting it on the front of the cart. This will be a chariot mount for the Necromancer.

Finally the Tomb Banshee. This one is a Ghost model from Reaper Miniatures. I followed a similar process to the Cairn Wraith, using a green ink wash this time. The colour isn't as pronounced as from the Tomb Banshee, but it still stands out enough from the original model.