Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Return of Nagash... in 10mm

I have really been enjoying Games Workshop's The End Times series of books lately.

I was a fan of The End Times material that came out about a decade ago and was salivating feverishly reading the latest releases. So a few months back when Nagash was releases, I cast my eyes around the miniature suppliers I was familiar with for a suitable model to represent Nagash for Warmaster.

Once again, Reaper Miniatures had a very nice model that I thought would work for the Great Necromancer. Reapers' Neb'nesew, Nefsokar Warlord (the metal version, not the plastic one) was the miniature that caught my eye. With the addition of some model parts from the GW Spirit Hosts, such as the odd spirit and one of the skulls from their base added to the Reaper mini's shoulder, plus an appropriate weapons arm spru from Reaper Miniatures spar bits, I settled upon this arrangement for Nagash.

I added one of Nagash's blasphemous tomes by cutting the book from its base of a Pendraken Mini's pedestal and sticking it on one of the spirit hosts wispy tendrils. A bit of greenstuff helped to soften out the irregular base of the book and make it fit in with the ethereal tendril.

The skull from one of the spirit host bases was perfect to attach to Nagash's shoulder as part of the Necromancer's armour in keeping with the full scale GW miniature.

The Great Necromancer sits well with Warmaster figures, towering over his risen minions with suitable menace.

I have toyed with the idea of having skeletons rising from the cracked earth at the Necromancers base, but at this time, I haven't really settled on whether to do this or not. So this will be close to my final configuration for the model.