Saturday, 13 December 2014

On the Painting Table... Tomb Kings Casket of Souls in 10mm

Here's the newest addition to my Tomb Kings army, a Casket of Souls.

The characters and skeleton pile are from the Warmaster Tomb Kings characters pack. The Anubis Box (better image here) on top of the skeleton pile comes from Crocodile Games.

From behind, the Liche Priest appears suspended above the ground. I cut this model from its base and glue it to the Anubis Box. I originally intended to greenstuff the base of the Liche Priest's robes to extend it to the skeleton pile. However I like the idea of the Liche Priest hovering behind the Anubis Box and so might leave it this way.

The images below give a better idea of the size of this piece compared to other units.