Saturday, 6 December 2014

On the Painting Table... a Cairn Wraith, a Tomb Banshee and a Corpse Cart fit for a Vampire Counts Hero

Here's a few pictures of some of the latest additions to the Vampire Counts Warmaster Army.

First is a Cairn Wraith. This miniature is a Reaper Miniatures Wraith. I washed the model with soapy water to remove any residue from the mould process. Once dry, I washed the model in a purple ink several times in order to get a consistent effect across the recesses of the model's folds.

The Corpse Cart is a mishmash of bits. I used the base of a Warmaster chariot (I can't remember which type sorry) and added the sides of the Dreadfleet ship that I cut off to make my Mortis Engine. I then used a number of Pendraken Zombies, cutting the base off some and laying them down to makes corpses at the back of the cart. I then cut the base off a GW Vampire Counts Necromancer  model setting it on the front of the cart. This will be a chariot mount for the Necromancer.

Finally the Tomb Banshee. This one is a Ghost model from Reaper Miniatures. I followed a similar process to the Cairn Wraith, using a green ink wash this time. The colour isn't as pronounced as from the Tomb Banshee, but it still stands out enough from the original model.