Saturday, 1 August 2020

Hero Forge 2.0, is it worth it?

Like many, I backed the Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter back in the day. Recently my free colour mini arrived in the mail, having artfully dodging one contagion delay after another. And so here it is without further ado. Meet my very own version of Jim Darkmagic.

Stupidly I forgot to colour the base and candles before claiming my freebie. But that can be easily fixed.

So what are my thoughts about this, I hear you say fan? Lets see:

The miniature
* Its made from the lower grade, rough grained plastic material than the previous miniatures I have bought through Hero Forge.
* So the miniature is course grain. But this may be fixed on final launch of HF2.0
* There is a lot more customization options for model making in HF2.0.
* There are plenty of options for modern as well as fantasy miniatures.
* There is also a lot of colour options for miniatures as well
* The cost is limited to the single coloured material at this time, which is roughly twice that of the premium material miniatures I have bought before through Hero Forge.

The 'paint job'
* The colour looks pretty washed out when compared to a painted miniature
* Colour definition isn't too clear, especially around the eyes and face
* Fine colours that appear on the miniature in the design screen do not translate very well to the final miniature due to the course grain of the miniature.
* Overall colours are clearly visible but flat compared to a painted miniature that has been washed and highlighted

What would it be good for?
Firstly, this is a brilliant step forward in the 3D printing of miniatures and is excellent to see. That said, its not as good as a painted miniature in my opinion, even with the crappy paint jobs I do.

So what would it be good for? Well, if you are after a miniature or two and don't have the desire, skill or equipment to paint your own, then this be exactly what you are after. This kind of miniature would look good for a board game or the casual role player.

With Jim here, I may just give it a wash and a few highlights to see how it turns out. Or I may get another, unpainted one of higher grained quality and paint it myself as a comparison.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Monday, 27 July 2020

Wereboar from eBay

This beasty is a 3D printed miniature from eBay. I just searched for 'boar miniature' and this was one of the results I found. It arrived in the mail with one of its tusks broken (darn posties 😒 ), but that was easily repaired with glue.

Stupidly, after finishing all the painting and basing, I snapped its legs when I was removing the miniature from the blue tac I used to secure it to the handle I use to hold miniatures with as I paint them. Much cursing and a little more super glue later, its back together. So you may notice some weird glue gum around the base of the legs. The actual miniature doesn't have that obviously.

Painting was simple enough. I just did the following:
* basecoat in black spray
* wet brushed the model in dark brown
* heavily dry brushed the model in grey
* dry brushed the hair in dark grey
* painted the tusks in a variety of browns and tans
* inked the tusks in Agrax Earthshade
* inked the base in Agrax Earthshae - Gloss (this was to create a wet muddy ground look)
* paint eyes in Blood Red.
A pretty basic paint job but it looks great on the table or on the board for our role playing game.

So this beast is the "grown-up" version of one of the players pet's, a pig. Which just happens to also be a transforming wereboar. Something she found out by accident when both her and her pig were suddenly beset by ghouls. Fun story producing much delight to her and the others around the table.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Flame Atronach from Reaper Miniatures

Our D20 role playing game has magic based on Skyrim. As such, I needed a Flame Atronach for one of the player characters who has the spell Conjure Flame Atronach. The spell creates a flame atronach that lasts for five rounds and orbits the caster. It throws flame bolts and if its killed before the five rounds expires, it explodes doing 3D6 damage. Fun stuff!

Reaper miniatures makes an excellent flame elemental both in plastic and also in metal. It comes with wings that attach to the back. If you don't glue on the wings, you get a pretty good miniature to represent a Flame Atronach.

By way of proof, just have a look at the Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion version of the Flame Atronach and then compare it to the Reaper Miniature and you will see that its a good proxy model.

Painting was pretty simple too. I just followed this process:
* base coat in white spray
* paint in bright yellow
* wet brush in orange
* heavily dry brush in red
* light dry brush in black over certain areas of the model and paint in black the "clothes" and "face mask" on the model.


Sunday, 12 July 2020

RuneMage from HeroForge in 28mm

Well, I did it again! Chalk up another dead player character!

This brings the total now to seven killed player characters in our role playing group over the last two years, including one total party kill (TPK). Pretty impressive, and I'm not really even trying!

Peridun was a RuneMage for our D20 role playing game. We play a hybrid D20 that brings together elements of Old School D&D, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and D&D 5e and sets it in a Warhammer sort of world. Basically its a home brew Grim Dark D20 and its living up to its reputation for killing off characters.

So, funny story. I had just about finished painting this miniature for the player when the character up and got himself killed by a Barrow Wight. I mean, the never of it all! It takes me ages to paint these things and then he gets killed next gaming session :). I was going to finish off the base before I posted photos of the painted mini but seeing he's dead and all, kind of no point now.

Anyway, the original mini is plastic and made by HeroForge 1.0. I backed the HeroForge 2.0 kickstarter but am still awaiting the arrival of my free mini. Hopefully it hasn't disappeared down the pandemic black hole. Anyway, the point being that I could have just "painted" it using HeroForge 2.0 but seeing that this one had been sitting around from prior to the Kickstarter I decided to try to finish it off. Then he snuffed it!

You just can't trust player's, can you? I mean all that effort and now its back to the drawing board. Its not like I had anything to do with the character's death being the Game Master and all. Honestly, I swear!

Ok, back to painting up another mini. Hopefully I will finish that one before another of my players kills another one of their characters.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Elf Mage

Another player character's miniature is finished for our role playing game.

This one is another Reaper Miniatures model.

On to the next one!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Elf Druid Player Character

Elven Druid

This new blogger is taking some getting use to. Hard to find where all the buttons are that I used before.

Anyway, here's the latest in the painting up of player character miniatures for my role playing group. This one is an elven druid. The actual miniature is a Reaper Miniatures Elven King if I remember correctly.

The lighting isn't the best because its been pretty overcast today. But with the flash, you should be able to make out most of the painting detail.

On to the next model!