Sunday, 17 June 2018

DWMG Robomen

Just a quick post today. These are the latest addition to my Doctor Who Miniatures Game collection. These are from Black Tree Design miniatures and are 28mm scale. A handy addition to the Dalek forces and the odd evil genius here and there.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Death of a Player Character

It is with sad regret that I have to inform you of the passing of a once great player character.

The passing of Ekckhhardth

On the tenth day of the month of June in the Year of Our LORD 2018, an ill prepared expedition of adventurers traveled north from Neverwinter. This foolhardy expedition were beset in the early hours of the morning by Beastmen. Having dispatched the initial assault of these vial creatures, the adventurers were in short order set upon again by more of these fearsome beasts from the same herd.

Ekckhhardth's final moments

In the ensuing battle, Ekckhhardth was reduced to near certain death. In an act of final desperation, his colleagues note that Ekckhhardth performed a desperate act. He cast a Fire Rune spell beneath him detonating the arcane charge.

He gave his life to save his friends

This act of desperation guaranteed his immediate demise but resulted in taking the life of many of the Beastmen as well. Ekckhhardth companions, once recovered from the shock of the detonation, were able to dispatch the few remaining creatures and flee for their lives.

In this way, Ekckhhardth sacrificed his own life to save that of his companions. An act not in keeping with his usual behaviour but one that was much appreciated.

May Ekckhhardth rest in peace...

Or in pieces as it turned out in the end.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Reaper Mini's Death Shroud

Just finished painting up a Reaper Miniatures Death Shroud for my Chaos Wars and Kings of War undead forces.

It's another really nicely made miniature from Reaper Miniatures. I chose to purchase the more expensive metal version as I prefer to have metal over plastic when I can get it.

So I can't speak for the Bones plastic version as to how well it is made. The metal version however is very nice.

This lad joins my undead forces currently being painted for Chaos Wars. But it will also make a nice addition for Kings of War.

I painted this mini by first base coating it in black spray. I then heavily dry brushed it in white paint so as to highlight the more raised sections. I was careful not to paint the interior of the shroud whilst doing this. I then applied a blue wash over the entire mini. Once dry, using a mid-blue colour I once again dry brushed the miniature, being careful to keep the dry brushing to the more raised areas so as to not cover over my previous paint work. I then applied a light blue dry brush lightly over the raised areas, again being careful not cover my previous work. Finally I used white paint to very lightly dry brush the raised areas. After that, all that was needed was basing the miniature.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Ral Partha's Armoured Skeletons for Chaos Wars

These lads are from the Ral Partha / Iron Wind Metals Skeleton Starter Set for Chaos Wars.

Just recently finished this Chaos Wars unit. Took me much longer than I expected due to too many other distractions. But these mini's are really nicely sculpted and worth the money. Nice dramatic poses and look mean.

Another unit added to my undead Chaos Wars army!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Vanguard Miniatures Kickstarter has arrived

Vanguard Miniatures recently completed an Indiegogo campaign for their epic scale line of miniatures. I was interested in getting some of their Tainted Hecate Interceptors and Charon Ground Attack Fighter so jumped in on the campaign. My miniatures arrived and so time to show off what they look like.

Tainted Charon Ground Attack Fighter

Tainted Hecate Interceptors

I received with the fighters some freebies from the campaign also.

Looking at these figures gave me an idea.

The standard troops fit nicely into an Epic scale at roughly around 8mm.

However the Ork and Space Marines are roughly 13mm in height. This means that they could easily fit into 10mm games. As Pendraken make some nice 10mm sci-fi miniatures, these would complement that nicely.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Cyber Command

The first of my Cybermen have been finished. These lads are from the Exterminate game but will be used in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG).

Cyber Lieutenant

Cyber Lieutenants are the primary battle field commanders and are the most well known Cyber command unit encountered on the field of battle. Cyber Lieutenants have the Leader I special ability permitting them to activate an extra miniature for free during their turn.

Any invasion force of Cybermen will always have a single commander. Cyber Commanders are most easily distinguished by their black heads. Usually commanding their forces in battle from a forward command post or their base, Cyber Commanders coordinate multiple Cyber Lieutenants across the battle zone.

Cyber Commander

Cyber Commanders have the Leader II special ability giving them then the capability to activate two extra miniatures in their turn. In the DWMG you can activate half the number of miniatures you have on the table during your turn. If you activate a model with a Leader ability, that model can activate a number of extra models for free depending upon their Leader ability. So this makes fielding at least one leader in your force a must.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Cyber Scouts

Cyber Scouts are not the next "social justice" push on the Boy Scouts of American by SJW's but an elite unit of the Cybermen.

Cyber Scouts are rarely seen on the battlefield with at most only one in six Cybermen being augmented for this type of operation. Often darker in colour these Scouts may even be painted in camouflage colours native to the world they are invading.

These Cybermen have complex electronic countermeasures which give them a Deep Strike capability in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. This means that after all other models have been deployed on the table, the Cyber Scouts are placed last anywhere out of sight of an opposing model before the game commences. This gives the Cybermen a tactical advantage as they can easily counter any flanking moves or be placed close to objective points.

In order to compensate for this advantage the opposing player gets 1 point of Luck (mostly used for dice re-rolls) for each Cyber Scout used in the game. These Luck points can be given to any model of the opposing side.

Painting them was very simple. I just undercoated them in a Chaos Black Spray and once dry, then dry brushed them in a blue-grey paint colour. Their chest units were painted with an Ice Blue. Simple and very quick to paint.