Sunday, 20 May 2018

Vanguard Miniatures Kickstarter has arrived

Vanguard Miniatures recently completed an Indiegogo campaign for their epic scale line of miniatures. I was interested in getting some of their Tainted Hecate Interceptors and Charon Ground Attack Fighter so jumped in on the campaign. My miniatures arrived and so time to show off what they look like.

Tainted Charon Ground Attack Fighter

Tainted Hecate Interceptors

I received with the fighters some freebies from the campaign also.

Looking at these figures gave me an idea.

The standard troops fit nicely into an Epic scale at roughly around 8mm.

However the Ork and Space Marines are roughly 13mm in height. This means that they could easily fit into 10mm games. As Pendraken make some nice 10mm sci-fi miniatures, these would complement that nicely.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Cyber Command

The first of my Cybermen have been finished. These lads are from the Exterminate game but will be used in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG).

Cyber Lieutenant

Cyber Lieutenants are the primary battle field commanders and are the most well known Cyber command unit encountered on the field of battle. Cyber Lieutenants have the Leader I special ability permitting them to activate an extra miniature for free during their turn.

Any invasion force of Cybermen will always have a single commander. Cyber Commanders are most easily distinguished by their black heads. Usually commanding their forces in battle from a forward command post or their base, Cyber Commanders coordinate multiple Cyber Lieutenants across the battle zone.

Cyber Commander

Cyber Commanders have the Leader II special ability giving them then the capability to activate two extra miniatures in their turn. In the DWMG you can activate half the number of miniatures you have on the table during your turn. If you activate a model with a Leader ability, that model can activate a number of extra models for free depending upon their Leader ability. So this makes fielding at least one leader in your force a must.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Cyber Scouts

Cyber Scouts are not the next "social justice" push on the Boy Scouts of American by SJW's but an elite unit of the Cybermen.

Cyber Scouts are rarely seen on the battlefield with at most only one in six Cybermen being augmented for this type of operation. Often darker in colour these Scouts may even be painted in camouflage colours native to the world they are invading.

These Cybermen have complex electronic countermeasures which give them a Deep Strike capability in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. This means that after all other models have been deployed on the table, the Cyber Scouts are placed last anywhere out of sight of an opposing model before the game commences. This gives the Cybermen a tactical advantage as they can easily counter any flanking moves or be placed close to objective points.

In order to compensate for this advantage the opposing player gets 1 point of Luck (mostly used for dice re-rolls) for each Cyber Scout used in the game. These Luck points can be given to any model of the opposing side.

Painting them was very simple. I just undercoated them in a Chaos Black Spray and once dry, then dry brushed them in a blue-grey paint colour. Their chest units were painted with an Ice Blue. Simple and very quick to paint.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Dalek Flying Saucer

The Doctor approaches the saucer with trepidation

I had a spare frisbee lying around and I mused to myself, "...wonder if that could be turned in to a Dalek flying saucer?"

Well it could, and it has been.

I used a paper plate left over from Christmas and with some PVA glue stuck it to the bottom of the frisbee. I then took a plastic desert bowl, also left over from Christmas, and glued that to the base of the dinner plate. To the bowl I added three twist-tops from yogurt snack packs. The kind of school lunch box yogurt you can get, and glued these to the bowl. The twist-tops made good exhaust flues for the ship. All I needed after that was some landing gear.

I took some days deliberating as to what to use for the landing gear. One evening, I noticed some dental floss tooth picks in the bathroom. These were the kind that had a flossing "brush" at one end and a sharp tooth pick at the other end so that when you're flossing and someone asks "how long will you be in the bathroom?" you can stab them in the eye with it. These fancy floss-picks looked like what I was after. I took three and carefully cut off the flossing ends. Then I super glued them to the base of the bowl of the ship.

All that was needed after that was to spray paint the thing with a gun metal spray. Voila, one Dalek Flying Saucer! Now all I need are the Daleks...

Anybody home?

All I need now is an entrance ramp and door for the ship... and some daleks...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


When one thinks of warlords whose mere name invokes fear (Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar) one name rises above them all... Davros! Father of the Daleks. Genius madman who set the universe on fire. No other name is synonymous with death and destruction (and also advocacy for better wheelchair access) across the universe.

One of the Doctors great adversaries, Davros has arisen again thanks to eBay. This lad was a Black Tree Design miniature (sadly no longer available from their web store).

Davros is back baby!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Doctor Wuh?

The 8th Doctor Who

Some years ago Heresy Miniatures made some "not Doctor Who" stand in's for the recent batch of Doctors. They didn't last long due to some legal issues and so Heresy pulled the line of miniatures. I wasn't aware at the time when they were made, and so missed out getting them. However I did manage to be able to pick this guy up from eBay recently.

Known as "Not the 8th Doctor", it was a nice stand in for Paul McGann's very briefly seen version of the 8th Doctor. Despite his short on-screen performance in The Doctor Who Movie and The Night of the Doctor, he was the longest running regeneration of the Doctor by virtue of books, radio plays and other off-screen adventures.

The 8th Doctor lived through the first part of the Time War and that opens up some opportunities for more combat oriented games than the usual run of the mill Doctor Who Miniatures Games usually are. However the 8th Doctor made it clear that he did his best to avoid The Time War. It was also clear that it had impacted on his life before he regenerated into the War Doctor.

Looking disheveled and slightly annoyed by the whole Time War thingy, this miniature reflects the latter look of the 8th Doctor.

Now, if only my orders for my other Doctor Who miniatures would arrive...

Trouble afoot!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Something new is coming!

Whilst I work on my Chaos Wars project, another project looms on the horizon...

Nasty little creepy crawlies!