Saturday, 20 July 2019

DWMG Battle Report - Epilogue, Destiny of the Daleks - EPISODE 3

Episode 3

Episode 2 can be found here.

The current layout of the table.

Movellan Unit NW and the Dalek Extraction team

Movellan Unit South

Movellan Unit West


INITIATIVE - finally the Daleks catch a break and win the Initiative for the new turn.

Dalek Activation

Having finally gained the Initiative, the first silver Pilot Dalek waists no time in targeting the Movellens to the south of it. It shoots, hitting the Movellan but not damaging it. We can assume that the Movellan ducked out of the way just in time and the blaster bolts hit just where it was a moment ago.

Wow. That was too close!

The second silver Pilot Dalek is in partial cover due to the entrance ramp and therefore is well defended. However the Movellans to the NW are outside of the effective range of the Dalek's blaster. As such, the Dalek doesn't activate this turn.

The Black Dalek, with its Extraction Team, moves forward in an attempt to cut off the Movellens to the NW. Its leadership ability aids in moving three of the Extraction Team Daleks with it.

"Engage the Enemy"

"I'll just wait here then, shall I?"

With that, the Dalek's Activation ends for the turn. Hampered by the fact they can only move once per turn (i.e. as a Mechanoid they can only use one of their two activation's per Activated model to move), the Dalek's movement across the table is very slow compared to the Movellans.

Movellan Activation

The Southern Movellan Unit is the first to activate. All Movellans activate and spend their first activation aiming at the Silver Pilot Dalek nearby. By aiming for an activation they each gain +1 on their die roll to hit. With their second activation they open fire.

Two shots hit their mark!

Rolling for damage, the Movellans find that one shot bounces off the Dalek's armour. The second shot however penetrates the armour at a weak spot and inflicts a hit on the Silver Dalek. Grunt Daleks have just one hit and so the Silver Dalek is destroyed outright.



"You got it!"

The Movellan NW Unit then activates and moves across the open ground and into partial cover. From there they can now all easily see the second Silver Pilot Dalek in partial cover under the Saucer. Now all four Movellans use their second activation to shoot at the Silver Dalek, who is in partial cover and at long range. All four shots bounce off the entrance ramp missing the Dalek.


"Open fire!"


The Movellans have one more Activation left for their part of the Turn. The Movellan player elects to activate the Unit West Sub-Commander who, having a Leader 1 ability, permits a second model to activate for free also.

Both Movellans manage to clear the wall in front of them (an obstacle that needs to be cleared in order for them to move past) jumping through the windows of the ruined building and head for cover. Using both of their activation's to move the Movellans manage to run towards the partial cover ahead of them. The last model in the Movellan Unit West remains back at the ruined building behind cover.


"Ah, where's Terrance?"

With that, the Movellan Activation comes to an end.

Closing in on the Dalek Saucer

At the end of the Third Turn the Movellans have managed to take out a Dalek with no losses of their own.

Stay tuned for the next Turn.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

DWMG Battle Report - Epilogue, Destiny of the Daleks - EPISODE 2

Episode 2

Episode 1 can be found here.


INITIATIVE - again the roll falls in the Movellans favour.

What? Again!

Movellan Activation

Unit South moves all models into partial cover so they can target the pilot Dalek closest to them. Two models climb the rocks (which are 1 level higher) and are no longer in cover. The other two models remain in partial cover. The pilot Dalek closest to them is also in partial cover from where the Movellans are located.

All four Movellans then use their second activation actions to shoot at the Dalek. As the Silver Dalek is at a 15" range their shots suffer -1 to hit. The two Movellans in partial cover have an additional -1 to hit also. Three of the four shots miss their mark but the final shot hits the Dalek. The shot needs to score a 5+ to inflict damage, but scores a 4!

Missed me...ouch!

The Movellan shot bounces off the Dalek's dalekinium armour. The Daleks are now aware of the presence of the Movellans.

Unit NW, with the Commander, all move forwards closer to the Dalek ship.


Finally, the last Movellan in Unit West activates finally moving in to cover.

Made it!

Overview of the table at the end of the Movellan activation

Dalek Activation

"ALERT, ALERT! Under attack by hostile forces"


"Engaging hostiles. EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!"

The silver pilot Dalek moves forwards to close range with the Unit South Movellans. It then opens fire at the exposed Movellans. As Daleks get two shots with their blasters, this could be fun.

Both shots hit their target but fail to cause any damage, the Movellans clearly ducking out of the way of the shots just in time.


The second pilot Dalek then activates. An Intelligence roll to see if the Dalek notices the other Movellans behind it succeeds.

I see you!

"ALERT, ALERT! Second enemy force detected. EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!

The Dalek uses an activate to face its enemy (Unit NW) and opens fire with its second activation. But the Movellans are just beyond its blaster's effective range and so both shots go wide of their mark.


Damn, missed!

Finally the Black Dalek moves its extraction team to intercept the Movellans in the NW unit.

Follow me lads!

Get 'em boys!

The Second Episode comes to an end.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

DWMG Battle Report - Epilogue, Destiny of the Daleks - EPISODE 1

The game board

Click here for the Scenario - Epilogue, Destiny of the Daleks

Click here for the Battle Report set-up and player objectives - Scenario pre-battle

With the scenario mapped out, and the Movellans and Daleks taking up their positions on the table (plus developing the battle plans) it was time to play!

Lets have a quick look at each of the team players.

Dalek data card for the soldier and pilot daleks

The Black Dalek (Commander) data card

The Movellan data card (Commander has Leader 2, Sub-Commanders have Leader 1 in addition to the above data)


INITIATIVE- in this scenario, the Movellans automatically have the initiative on Turn 1.

Movellan Activation

Movellan Unit Activation - the Movellans have 11 models and so can normally activate half that number, i.e. six models per turn. However with three leaders (a Commander and two Sub-Commanders), they gain the ability to move a total of ten models per turn.

Movellan Unit South activates the Sub-Commander model, who uses both of its activation's to cross the open ground and move into cover behind some large boulders. His Leader 1 ability permits another model to activate for free. A second Movellan uses its two activation's to also move towards cover. As Movellans can run, unlike other mechaniods, they can use both activation's to move, this permits the models to "run" up to 12" rather than just move a total of 6" per turn.

Unit South runs for cover

The Movellan player activates the remaining Movellens in Unit South and all run for cover behind the boulders.

Movellan Sub-Commander points towards their objective

There be Daleks! Our objective, the Dalek ship

What now, Boss?

Three of the ten total models for the Movellan Player's turn have been activate. Next Unit NorthWest (NW) are chosen. This team has the Commander (Leader 2 ability). Activating the Commander will permit two additional models the ability to activate for free. Unit NW Commander activates and uses both activation's to run towards the ruins, taking cover. This is followed by two additional models who also run for cover in the ruins.

Finally the last member of Unit NW activates and runs to the rubble, taking cover. They spy ahead at the Dalek Saucer and spot the two Dalek pilots on guard at its entrance.

Our objective. Look over there...

...Daleks block the entrance ramp

Finally, having activated eight of the ten permitted models, thanks to leader abilities, the Movellans now only have two models left that can be activated. Unit West now has its Sub-Commander activated. It runs to cover also, quickly followed by another model.

Unit West now gets their chance to move

The Sub-Commander and one other model move to cover behind the ruined tower

From here they spy the entrance to the Dalek Saucer...

...spying a Dalek pilot guarding the entrance ramp

Dalek Activation

Dalek Unit Activation - The Daleks have seven models and so can activate half that number, rounded up (i.e. four models). However the Black Dalek's Leader 2 ability permits it to activate two more models per turn. Moreover, its Communicator ability permits the Black Dalek (and the Dalek player) the ability to activate any Daleks on the table. Very handy. Unfortunately for these lumbering pepper-pots, they can only move a single movement in a turn, slowing them down when compared to the Movellans. They need to get those anti-gravity units installed in their shells. That would fix the problem!

The Black Dalek moves the recovery team back through the Skaro ruins as they return to the Dalek Saucer, their objective of retrieving Davros frustrated by his strange disappearance.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to get Davros we go...or not!

Speed being of the essence. And speed not being a specialty of the Dalek race. The Dalek player moves the entire recovery team as quickly as possible through the ruins.

Are we there yet?


The Dalek player still has one more model to move. So the player conducts an Intelligence Test to see if either of the Dalek pilots notice anything unusual on their scanners. Rolling two dice, and comparing it to the Dalek's Intelligence on the Dalek soldier's data card, the roll of 8 equals the Dalek's Intelligence. Success! This means that the Dalek pilots have noticed movement somewhere near by.

Pilot 1 "ALERT, Movement Detected. Investigating."

The Dalek pilot on the south side of the ramp moves closer to the boulders where Movellan Unit South is concealed.

Pilot 2 "Understood. Notifying Supreme Dalek"

"Keep down!"

And so ends the first turn. Stay tuned for the next episode.