Friday, 7 December 2018

The Black Dalek

Before Doctor Who became Doctor Woke there were some great story lines, excellent Doctors, and supporting companions that actually added value to the story rather than just being the Doctor's love interest or a worshiper of the new demigod that the BBC had turned the Doctor into (Sigh!). These companions were interesting enough that you cared about what happened to them and they often were the ones who saved the day. These day's they just serve to fill the BBC's diversity quota. Sad, boring and NOT Doctor Who. Give me the old Doctors and their companions any day!

There were also some fantastic villains back then. The Daleks were the best among them, though I loved the Cybermen more, and always seemed to pose a real challenge to the Doctor and his companions. They weren't in every second episode (like the overkill in the new series) but only appeared once or perhaps twice in any of the old series. These baddies were occasionally led by a commander who was painted black and was the force's commander.

So as a side from the RPG miniatures I'm trying to finish painting I decided to paint a black Dalek commander. So here is some eye candy.

I also made an destroyed Dalek given these are no longer available except occasionally through eBay. They both come from Black Tree Design miniatures.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Brother Vinni's Master Commander

Brother Vinni's Master Commander

Painting for our new role playing campaign is going strong (for now). I wanted a miniature to represent one of the player characters in a unique suite of power armour. This suit would be a special find in a dungeon like crawl the players will have to navigate through. Designated as an XO-117 experimental suit of power armour it would strangely look like someone we all know. The MA5D Assault Rifle would also be a "one of a kind" that comes with the power armour.

So I searched around the interwebs and found what I was looking for. Brother Vinni's makes some very nice miniatures and their Master Commander miniature was what I was looking for. Check out their other sci-fi stuff too. Very nice.

Postage was pretty fast considering that it was coming from the other side of the globe. Brother Vinni's service was fast(ish) and reliable. So don't be hesitant to buy form them.

So add another miniature to the list of urgent ones to be done for the game. I'm hoping that over the Christmas break I can finally catch up on a stack of miniatures that I want to get painted and work out what basing flock I will use for these miniatures.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Icarus Miniatures Gunslinger

One of the player characters in our new campaign is a gambler, swindler, gunslinger. So I needed a miniature that would represent the player's character on the table.

Icarus Miniatures Gunslinger

Enter Icarus Miniatures! They produce an excellent gunslinger miniature for a sci-fi or post apocalyptic setting. Perfect for what I am after.

Still haven't worked out how the base will be flocked for the PC's. But that's another character ready for the next gaming session.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

A Bloated Glowing One proxie for Fallout Wasteland Warefare

I wanted to make a proxie for a Bloated Glowing One for both Fallout Wasteland Warfare and also our role playing group adventures. Searching around I came across the Toxic City Mall expansion for Zombicide and found my desired nasty.

So next idea was how to paint the blighter. I base coated it in Black Spray and when dry wet brushed it in Loren Green. I then heavily dry brushed it in Straken Green. I then inked it in green ink. Then I painted the pus blisters in Goblin Green. I then painted the trousers in a Khaki colour and the shirt in Rhinox Hide (apologies if I forget the correct spelling of these colours, but they are all from Games Workshop Citadel paints range). Finally I inked the trousers and shirt in Agrax Earthshade (i.e. light brown ink).

The flash image above and below show the colours in better detail. The security pass card was painted in white and inked heavily in Agrax Earthshade. The lanyard is painted in a Blood Red to contrast against the glowing green skin.

Pus boy!

So this guy will be used in a boss fight in an upcoming part of our role playing adventure. Basically the player characters will need to kill him to get the security pass in order to access the lower basement where the 'McGuffin' is that they are searching for. The particular 'McGuffin' they are after in this case is a Power Core Generator so they can keep the lights on, so to speak.

Now on to painting his little friends!

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Armorcast Folder (Bender) Bot

The first of the new player character's for my role playing group is almost ready.

Armorcast Folder Bot 3000. Think I'll call him "Bender"

This guy is a 28mm Folder Bot 3000 from Armorcast. Kind of reminds me of a robot I've seen somewhere else on TV. Now what was his name again? Used to bend stuff all the time... Anyway, name escapes me but it will come back to me.

Flash image shows up the "rust" effect paint on the miniature

So this is one of the new player characters for our next genera of role playing adventures. The character is based on that famous robot from that future thingy show and has a profile similar to the Basic Roleplaying Game's utility robot. Right now he is missing his tommygun. But that will be ordered shortly.

This image gives a hint as to where the roleplaying game is set.

Like the alien in the previous post, I still haven't settled on how I plan to flock the base of these miniatures. A few more of the player characters are nearing completion as well as some of their adversaries. So more on this to follow!

The graffiti in white paint on his back also has a story to tell.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Slave2Gaming Alien Invasion miniatures and the next venture in Roleplaying

After that last entry on the blog, and those depressing (and appalling) player character obituaries. It's time to return to painting stuff.

A Slave2Gaming Alien Invasion miniature

When our role playing group wound up with all the party members dead or gone insane in the same gaming session, and within the first hour of gaming, it was time for a change. We discussed the next genera of roleplaying the group wanted to explore and arrived at a decision. But more on that in a later blog post. For now here is a teaser of where we may be heading.

So this little blighter (who isn't that small) is from Slave2Gaming's Alien Invasion range. I picked up a few individual aliens at MOAB back in October and have just painted the first one up. He will be playing a supporting cast to the player characters if they play their cards right. A sort of slap stick side kick with an Alien Blaster and plasma grenades.

His jumpsuit was painted in Gun Metal and then camouflaged in white splotches. I figured that as he is an alien his camo was tailored to another environment prior to his crash landing on Earth (spoiler alert and part of his back story).

I still haven't decided on how to do the miniature's base yet. So he still isn't completely finished.

Here is a side by side comparison between the Zetan from Fallout 4 Wasteland Warfare and our lad from Slave2Gaming. These two will end up being mortal enemies (that's another spoiler alert and another part of his backstory).

Here you can see that the Zetan and the Slave2Gaming alien are the same size. The Zetan will eventually get painted also and have green skin as opposed to old mate here with a grey skin.

So that's the side kick done. Next post will start to show off some of the player characters.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

R.I.P. Player Characters

RIP Bullseye Berry

RIP Ekckhhardth

RIP Liara Kartaran

RIP Meraung

I have long felt it the sacred duty of the Game Master to do all within their power to challenge the player characters. It have always taken it as a personal matter of pride to ensure that the players face death, so that they know that their victory is not assured. From my point of view that means regularly attempting to kill them with nasty critters.

Well I have finally reached the lofty heights of a Master Game Master. I managed to kill off the entire party!

In short, below is a brief obituary:

  • Here lies Ekckhhardth. Or what's left of him! With but a single hit point and five Beastmen to beat. Sadly blown asunder, oh what swift exit was made when casting Fire Rune at his feet without so much as an adieu to his companions he bade.
  • Here also lies Bullseye Berry, unconscious she did lay. Prone on cold stone, a sigh she did bade. Wounded by fell arrow in the darkness of grave then falling victim to Draugr's dark blade.
  • Here also went mad the sorceress Liara, spell misfire setting her mind all asunder. While fell demons of Chaos clawed edge of mind, Horned Rat took possession of the shell left behind.
  • The final resting place of Meraung was bleak. Certainly not what he'd hopped for at life's full peak. Now shot through with arrows in tomb long forgot. Goodbye valiant Meraung, rest long forgot.

Now of course I have to paint up a whole lot of new player character miniatures for the crew. No rest for the Game Master!