Saturday, 4 February 2017

Basic Rolepaying (BRP) with miniatures - part 2 - Meraung the Elf Rogue

In the last post I mentioned that I have been painting the main characters for my roleplaying group's player characters. The first one finished was "Bullseye" Berry, the human ranger.

Meraung skulking in the shadows

This post is for the second player character, Meraung the Elf Rogue.

Meraung, rogue, at your service!

In truth, Meraung is an escaped Dark Elf.

Having been in servitude back in his homeland since childhood, Meraung managed to flee his master and make a life for himself on the streets, eventually making his way to the Old World. From the day he arrived in the Old World to this day, he has been mistaken for a High Elf and Meraung is keeping it that way.

Spying out the enemy lines, Meraung earns his keep..

Leaving his life as a cut purse behind, Meraung has taken to selling his services as a mercenary for hire, often finding himself hired on as a guardsman to many a merchant caravan. Its in this capacity that he began his life as an adventurer.

Dangerous work! Still, it beats life where he was born. And in the Old World there is little chance of him running in to anyone he knew in his former life.

This miniature is another from Reaper Miniatures called Elladan, Elf (product 02543). Another nicely detailed mini from Reaper.

Not sure if you can see it, but even managed to paint his eye's yellow! Below are some final shots with different contrasts. Only two more (actually three more) to go!

Yellow eyes... creepy....

Friday, 27 January 2017

Basic Rolepaying (BRP) with miniatures - "Bullseye" Berry

My favourite role playing system is Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying, also known as BRP.

"Bullseye" hunting orcs

BRP has been around as a system since the late 70's in its precursor form Runequest. A few years back Chaosium updated the system synergising their various games (Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, Superworld, Elfquest, Elric Stormbringer, etc) into the one system (BRP) with a stack of optional rules such as hit locations, strike ranks, sanity etc.

My role playing group have for some time now been asking that I bring in the use of miniatures for combat situational awareness rather than just relying on roughly drawn maps and descriptions. I finally relented and decided to find some miniatures that look like the pictures they chose to use for their characters.

The first character I needed to find a miniature for was this girl, "Bullseye" Berry...

Miss Berry herself

Good ol' "Bullseye" is a young ranger lass and she got her nickname through more than one famous critical hit that rescued the party from certain death in the game. So the problem was that I needed to find a nice miniature that looked like it could pass for Miss Berry.

Well Reaper Miniatures to the rescue! They have a nice miniature called Nienna, Elf Ranger (02909 in their catalog). Over the Christmas / New Year break I was finally able to start painting the miniature. And I am proud to say that she made her recent debut on the role playing table only a week ago.

"Bullseye" Berry

So here she is in all her adventuring splendor.

I'll post images of the other three member's of the adventuring team as I complete each one.

To finish off, here's some last pictures of Lady Berry. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

More on those Black Gate Miniature Ogre scuplts

Another update came in from Black Gate Miniatures on the progress of sculpting their Ogres. You can read the full post here.

Work has been pretty hectic of late and so with little to show for my own hobby achievements this month, how about instead I show off more of Black Gate Miniatures excellent work on their 10mm Ogre army Kickstarter.

Ogre Warrior Command

The image above is of the command Ogres that will accompany both the Warrior and Armoured Warrior packs.

5 new sculpts

The second image is of the five new Ogre sculpts that will be part of the Ogre Warrior pack.

Things are moving along nicely with the filling of this Kickstarter. So hope to show off more of the excellent work of Black Gate Miniatures and my Kickstarter reward as well in the coming months.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Project update on the 10mm Ogre Kickstarter by Black Gate Miniatures

Well 2017 is here and it’s high time I posted my first post for the year. I recently received an update on the 10mmOgre Kickstarter by Black Gate Miniatures. So what better way to kick off this year's posts but with a nod to my favourite gaming scale, 10mm!

With Christmas and New Year finished it is time for things to start moving forwards with the sculpting.

Robi has sculpted three more of the Warriors and reckons he will have the rest of miniatures for the Warriors, Armoured Warriors and Cannoneers done by the end of January.

Here is the first glimpse of the new Ogres, with the Kickstarter Warrior in the middle.

Three new warrior scupts!

We are still well on track for the April delivery date.


Ogre forever!

This project is looking great and I can't wait to see the how they turn out in the end. Its a great privilege to be able to support talented sculptors who make wonderful miniatures. And there have been some very talented 10mm sculptors producing excellent miniatures last year. Hat nod to Warmonger Miniatures and Black Gate Miniatures. Keep up the great work!

Saturday, 24 December 2016


Isaiah 7:14 New International Version (NIV)
14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you[a] a sign: The virgin[b] will conceive and give birth to a son, and[c] will call him Immanuel.[d]
  1. Isaiah 7:14 The Hebrew is plural.
  2. Isaiah 7:14 Or young woman
  3. Isaiah 7:14 Masoretic Text; Dead Sea Scrolls son, and he or son, and they
  4. Isaiah 7:14 Immanuel means God with us.

1 John 4:9 New International Version (NIV)

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.

May you have a wonderful, blessed and safe Christmas. And a Happy New Beer also!

See you in 2017 if not before...

Merry Christmas

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Red Box War Trolls

Red Box from the Ukraine do some nice 1/72 scale fantasy plastic soldiers. I've shown in a previous post some of their Isengard style Uruk's before. Recently however they released some War Trolls.

Red Box War Trolls set 1

Putting on my thinking cap I decided that these may be useful as Olog-hai (Black Trolls) or as Half-Trolls. Olog's were, if I remember correctly, described by Tolkien as smaller than regular trolls but more cunning and dangerous. So I thought I would take a gamble and get some and see how they fair size-wise and also whether they could fit on a 40mm base for use in WotR cavalry movement trays.

So firstly, what do they look like? There are eight in a box and they come in four different molds (2 of each obviously).

They are pretty detailed for a softer plastic miniature. There is a bit of plastic "flashing" along to mold lines, but nothing too bad as to ruin the miniature. The plastic is thick enough to prevent too much bending. So they should be robust enough for the gaming table. They aren't as strong as the GW plastic miniatures, but will stand a little rough and tumble. So that's a bonus. They are also cheap if you look around on eBay, so that's a second bonus. Finally, the four types you can see above are also rather nice. So another bonus in my book.

OK, so far so good. So how do they compare to the GW LotR / WotR size miniatures. Well, as you can see below, not too bad. They are taller than the average human / elf / orc. So that's excellent news. They would certainly tower above the 1/72 scale miniatures that Reb Box also produce.

One elf vs. four trolls. My money is on the elf!

So how do they compare to the GW Trolls. They are roughly the size of a GW Cave Troll, but smaller than GW's other trolls. Which is fine by me, especially considering that I will be using them for the smaller Olog-hai / Half-troll troops.

I haven't painted them yet. So no idea how well the paint will hold. But I will be toning them in the Army Painter shader Strong Tone and that tends to hold the paint on well with more flexible plastic miniatures.

I may even use these guys in a kit bash fashion for some Blood Bowl varieties. More on that idea in the future!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Magnetic Warg Riders!

I'll post in the future on how I painted these wargs, but I just wanted to show a nice trick I used to make these miniatures convertible to either wargs or warg riders.

First I made each of the wargs as strait wargs with full manes.

On each warg I then super glued a very small 20mm wide by 10mm deep rare earth magnet.

Doing this was a total pain in the backside. So in future I'll use a 30mm wide by 10mm  round magnet. Not the 20mm magnets. That will give more surface area to manipulate the magnet.

I then glued another magnet to the base of the warg riders. Again, this was a total pain as the magnet kept flipping in the drop of superglue or attempting to stay stuck to the tweezers I was using.

As such, I ended up with rider magnets not fitting to warg magnets. Despite this I did end up with proper magnet poles for each warg and rider (i.e. + and - poles). Odd riders could still sit on the same polarity side up magnets (i.e. + to +) as they would attach to the side of the magnet on the warg where the opposite pole was. But this made for an off center seated arrangement for the rider. Fortunatelly there was one warg for each rider to attach too. But using the 20mm magnets was a real pain. So be warned.

And that's how they finally turned out! So a nice trick if you want to use your wargs as both warg and warg rider.