Friday, 27 February 2015

Morghast Harbinger for Warmaster is finally painted

The first of the Morghast Harbinger's for Warmaster is finally painted!

And the paint scheme used?

  • Start with a base coat of Chaos Black
  • Paint the recesses Nihilakh Oxide
  • Drybrush the model in Rakarth Flesh
  • Drybrush next in Pallid Wych Flesh
  • Drybrush a final layer in White Scar
  • Paint the weapons in Boltgun Metal
  • Paint highlights on the weapons and lower wings with Nihilakh Oxide
  • Paint hooves in Scorched Brown and highlight with Bestial Brown
  • Paint armour bone in Naggaroth Night
  • Carefully wash bones in Brown Wash BUT be careful to make sure you stay away from the recesses where the Nihilakh Oxide sits.
  • Layer highlight the armour edges in Shadow Grey
  • Layer highlight the same again in Space Wolves Grey
  • Finally do a highlight layer of the armour edges in White Scar

Here's a few close-ups showing the detail of the paint scheme.

Now to make another one of these things!

I'll post some house rules for this thing in a future post.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

How to make a Morghast Harbinger for Warmaster

One of the other things I have been working on is an idea on how to make a Morghast Harbinger for Warmaster. I am inspired by The End Times series of books and have been keen to find a 10mm proxy for the Morghast so I can use it for Warmaster.

The actual Morghasts are too big for the job. What I needed was something about the size of the Warmaster Giant. A 28mm sized model would work so I went in to my local GW shop and bounced some ideas of Franz, the store manager, who is always very helpful and has taught me a lot about painting.

I used the following bits to make my first Morghast:

  • Warmaster Bone Giant
  • Tyranid Lictor
  • Weapons spru from Reaper Miniatures
  • Super glue again... and watch your fingers don't get glued like me ($@#%)!

Using the Lictor as the main body, I cut the tail off and reattached the end facing downwards to make a smaller tail. I swapped the extendable claws around, pointing them downward to make bony wings. I was careful to leave some of the attachments pieces in place to make the wing look like it had more joints. I carefully cut the Bone Giants upper body off and glued it (and almost my fingers!) to where the Lictor's head goes. I then glued some choice weapons from Reaper Miniatures to the Lictor's hands. I also used hot water to soften the hand so that I could close it around the weapon handles.

Hears how its turned out.

Currently, this dude is half way through painting, so I will show an update when its completed.

Kzinti Fleet on the production line

Been busy again and haven't had too much time for the hobby this month so far, sadly.

However I have been working on a number of A Call To Arms - Star Fleet miniatures. I'm feeling the need to get some time in slugging it out over the galaxy once the big 3,500 point Warmaster battle that is dominating the gaming table is finished.

So thought I would show you how the Kzinit's are progressing. I have decided to vary the base colour between Destroyers, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts etc. Kzinti ships look fairly similar when you cast you eye across the battle table, so in order to easily distinguish them from one another I have varied the colour scheme.

I have also modified a shuttle with some of the tiny engines from the Kzinti destroyer model to make a warp pod shuttle.

I fact, I have swapped around the engines on a number of Kzin models, using engines from models I didn't like, to make what I thought were better versions of the original model. Some of the varients will also be proxies for the models I won't be using because they look to boxy. More on this in a later post when I can show them off.

Anyway, see what you think about the first painted Kzinti ships.

The Kzinti BC is on the left, the Kzinti Destroyer is in the middle and the Warp Shuttle is on the right in the image below. All these are from Mongoose Publishing.

Close up of the "warp shuttle" below.

Paint scheme underneath the Kzin.

You can see some of the variants I am working on in the background and to the right in the image below. Swapping around warp nacelles definitely adds to the original model, I believe, but its a bugger when you've almost super glued your fingers together for the fifth time!