Sunday, 22 February 2015

How to make a Morghast Harbinger for Warmaster

One of the other things I have been working on is an idea on how to make a Morghast Harbinger for Warmaster. I am inspired by The End Times series of books and have been keen to find a 10mm proxy for the Morghast so I can use it for Warmaster.

The actual Morghasts are too big for the job. What I needed was something about the size of the Warmaster Giant. A 28mm sized model would work so I went in to my local GW shop and bounced some ideas of Franz, the store manager, who is always very helpful and has taught me a lot about painting.

I used the following bits to make my first Morghast:

  • Warmaster Bone Giant
  • Tyranid Lictor
  • Weapons spru from Reaper Miniatures
  • Super glue again... and watch your fingers don't get glued like me ($@#%)!

Using the Lictor as the main body, I cut the tail off and reattached the end facing downwards to make a smaller tail. I swapped the extendable claws around, pointing them downward to make bony wings. I was careful to leave some of the attachments pieces in place to make the wing look like it had more joints. I carefully cut the Bone Giants upper body off and glued it (and almost my fingers!) to where the Lictor's head goes. I then glued some choice weapons from Reaper Miniatures to the Lictor's hands. I also used hot water to soften the hand so that I could close it around the weapon handles.

Hears how its turned out.

Currently, this dude is half way through painting, so I will show an update when its completed.