Saturday, 30 April 2016

UPDATE - Ral Partha's Chaos Wars by Iron Wind Metals Company

Just had to share this. The Ral Partha ChaosWars Kickstarter No.2 is going well. With 17 days left to run, the project has been funded and a number of stretch goals have been unlocked.

But best of all, in my humble opinion, is that one of my old time favourite miniatures has been unlocked. That of the Lesser Goblin Swordsman.

Some of the first miniatures I owned, I really love this sculpt and am looking forward to getting more of them.

If you haven't backed the project, I can really recommend it. Their first Kickstarter was well run and this one is too. Enjoy!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Revenge at Arnesvelt, Warmaster 2000 point-a-side Battle Report, Part 1

Over Easter I was fortunate enough to get in a game of Warmaster. The scenario background and force deployments can be found here and here. So how did it turn out? Read on!



Empire Command
The Empire forces are moved once as per the First Move Free special rule.

The Empire Hero opens the command phase by ordering the Halberdiers forward towards the NE entrance of Arnesvelt. The Hero's intent is that they will take the lead in the retake of the village, supported on their right flank by the Empire Knights. Seeing the ruins of Arnesvelt inspired a determined revenge on the minds of the Halberdiers as they succeed in a second move (despite a command penalty of -3 due to distance and moves) to gain the NE entrance to the town.

However, despite this success, the Hero failed to get his message through to the Empire Knights to come in to support the Halberdiers and the Knights sat around like a bunch of preening peacocks!

The Empire General then ordered the Flagellants to the SE entrance of town and formed up the units of crossbowmen into position.

The Flagellants move up and the Crossbowmen get into range

The Allied Command Phase then passed to the Bretonnians.

Bretonnian Command
The Bretonnian Army moved under the First Move Free special rule.

The Bretonnian Hero ordered up the Men-at-Arms to cover the Bretonnian left flank on the south side of the field. Both the Bretonnian Knights and the Squires were not willing to let the gibbering fanatics from the Empire in front of them gain the first glorious revenge on their shared enemy. So they move up close to the SE entrance to Arnesvelt. However, they remain careful not to get within charge range of the Chaos Hounds on the southern edge of the town.

The Allied Command Phase then came to an end.


The Empire Helblasters were out of range to target any enemy. However the two units of Crossbowmen and 1 stand of Bretonnian Archers were in range of the 2 units of Ungor Raiders hauled up in the tower on the eastern side of Arnesvelt. Despite the Ungor Radiers being fortified within the ruins the Crossbowmen and Archers range was true, causing 2 hits on the Raiders. The Empire Cannons were also in range and, the enemy being upslope and in view, opened fire on the tower causing another 4 hits on the Raiders who subsequently lost 2 stands.

The Empire cannons open fire on the Ungor Raiders

The Bretonnian Enchantress then cast Aerial Shield on the Bretonnian Archers who fired this shooting phase. But the Empire Wizard failed to cast Voice of Command. With that, the Allied Shooting Phase came to an end.

The final disposition of the Allies

With no combat to speak of, the Allied Combat Phase was skipped and play passed over to the Beastmen.


The Beastmen streamed out of the forest in answer Malagor's call.

The initial movement due to the First Move Free special rule saw the Beastmen from the forest all begin crossing the three fords but later, during the Command Phase proper, they slowed down to a crawl once in the river. With the free move over, in Arnesvelt the Chaos Hounds were pulling at their leashes and were finally let loose. Using their Initiative they charged the Halberdiers.

Malagor commanded the southern group of Chaos Hounds to charge the Flagellants coming up through the SE entrance to Arnesvelt.

The Beastlord on his Tuskgor Chariot pushed his brigade of Bestigors / Gors / Razorgors forward twice to cross the ford and close on Arnesvelt.

The Beastlord and his brigade, in the centre ford, serges forwards

With the Command Phase now over, the Beastmen leaders then took up new positions to better push their units into battle.


A single stand of Ungor Raiders scored a hit on a unit of Empire Crossbowmen. Malagor then cast Chaos Bolt at the same unit, causing two more hits and killing off a stand of the Crossbowmen. With that, the Shooting Phase quickly ended.


First up to fight was the Chaos Hounds against the Halberdiers at the NE entrance to Arnesvelt. The Hounds scored a total of sixteen hits to the Empire's six hits, after armour saves. The Halberdiers had four supporting stands but still loose the fight and are forced back marginally as a brigade. The Empire troops loose a total of 5 stands (almost two units!) and have 1 outstanding hit. But the Hounds don't get off unscathed either loosing 2 stands.

The Hounds, smelling blood, pursue and inflict a massive thirteen more hits to the Empire's three hits, after amour saves. The Empire Halberdiers are pushed back 2cm, despite having two support stands) and loose another 4 stands and have 2 outstanding hits. The Hounds also loose a stand.

The Hounds pursue for the second and last time of this combat phase, attacking the beleaguered Halberdiers on two sides. After armour saves were considered, the Hounds scored another massive savaging of the Empire troops doing a total of 14 hits (and had 2 outstanding hits remaining also). The Halberdiers are devastated and savaged in a bloodbath and a destroyed to a man. Their only conciliation was that in the melee they were able to bring down another stand of hounds.

The Empire, in one phase of combat, have lost 4 units of their total 6 unit breakpoint. Due to the Break Point special rule, when the Empire looses its 7th unit, the army will rout.

The Empire dead on the sidelines

Next was the Chaos Hounds against the Empire Flagellants at the SE entrance to the town.

The Hounds had charged into combat and so get the extra attack dice, and they didn't disappoint! Scoring 7 hits to the Flagellants single hit in return saw the Hounds drive back the fanatics 5cm's. The Flagellants loosing two stands in the process.

The Hounds pursue their quarry and inflict another 6 hits, destroying the Flagellants . But the fanatics weren't going down without a fight, inflicting 5 hits in return on the Hounds (who also had an outstanding hit still against them).

The Flagellants were added to the Empire dead pool taking the number of units lost to 5 units. The Chaos Hounds however lost two stands, leaving a single solitary stand facing the pride of Bretonnia.

"Victory," growled the Chaos Hounds Handler, "but of course, now we are really stuffed!"

With that, Turn 1 came to a close. The Empire Army having been badly mauled loosing 5 units in the first turn! Malagor looked on gleefully. He had lost only a single unit of Chaos Hounds. Two more Chaos units were in bad shape, but it was not a bad start to the day. If he could only rout the Empire troops, he could concentrate on those colourful Bretonnian types. Now, where were those reinforcements?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Ral Partha's Chaos Wars by Iron Wind Metals Company

Message from Mike Noe, President of Iron Wind Metals

The new Chaos Wars KickStarter is now live!

Here is the link:

Together, we got the Chaos Wars successfully launched, which was no small task.

Now is the chance to take Chaos Wars from a fledgling game, and establish a place for it in the gaming industry.

I'm not asking you to buy anything that you don't want.

However, if you are going to support project, I would like you to please consider pledging early.

A lot of KickStarter success is determined by momentum.

KickStarters that meet their funding goals early grow at a faster pace, and end up with larger dollar amounts.I would really like to release all of the new sculpts that are locked up in the stretch goals.

Early momentum will help us get those unlocked, and the better we do, the more seriously people will take the game as a whole... and I really want to see this game grow.

Anything you can do to help spread the word about the project would be massively appreciated.

Thank you.


Jacob Fathbruckner

Iron Wind Metals

Have to say it... I'm very excited about this! Been waiting a looooong time to see some of these beauties return. They were the first mini's I ever bought.

Soooo many Kickstarters, so little time!   

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Hellebardiere (Halberdiers) Kickstarter Launched

10mm German Landsknecht Hellebardiere (Halberdiers)

Warmonger Miniatures has just launched their fourth Kickstarter: 10mm German Landsknecht Hellebardiere (Halberdiers). Having been in on his other three Kickstarter projects, I can highly recommend them. These are great for Warmaster Medieval, 10mm Landsknecht and proxy Warmaster Empire armies. Warmonger's mini's are very nicely detailed and great for Warmaster.

The project is now funded and has currently 14 days to run. So the project is backed and Warmonger has delivered every time, even to here in my antipodean locals. So if you are after some great Empire proxies, get behind this project as he is a trustworthy supplier!

Check out the pictures on the Kickstarter for more examples.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Revenge at Arnesvelt...pre-battle deployment

In the previous post I outlined the Revenge at Arnesvelt scenario. This post breaks down the forces that faced each other over the Easter break.

First, the key protagonists.

Khorgor of the Black Horn

The infamous Beastlord Khorgor of the Black Horn. From his herdstone-strewn lair in the Quagmire Forest, Khorgor has burnt a great gouging path through the Empire and into Bretonnia, destroying anything that stands in his way. His war horns wind and blare through the woods, summoning ever larger and fouler creatures to his side and galvanising the nearby tribes of Beastmen into a state of primal rage.
Malagor, the Dark Omen

Behind Beastlord Khorgor's actions is Malagor, the Dark Omen himself - a Brey-Shaman of surpassing power whose mere presence is a portent for disaster.

Empire Captain Van Bekk of Marienburg

Captain Van Bekk is a grizzled and seasoned veteran of many battles. His has risen through the ranks of Marienburg's military through demonstrating his prowess and cunning in battle. He has faced the ravages of the Beastmen before and holds a deep personal hatred for the vial beasts. He is determined to drive back this latest assault and hopefully kill Khorgor in the attempt.

The Duke of Gisoreux

The Duke of Gisoreux is likewise a seasoned veteran and no stranger to dealing with the deprivations of the Beastmen either. Gisoreux has suffered many times at the hands and hoofs of these fell creatures and by the grace of the Lady, the pride of Gisoreux will see these foul creatures vanquished from the land.



2 units of Ungors
2 units of Ungor Raiders
5 units of Gors
1 unit of Bestigors
2 units of Minotaurs
3 units of Centigors
4 units of Chaos Hounds
1 unit of Razorgors
1 Chaos Spawn
1 Chaos Giant
1x Beastlord on a Tuskgor Chariot
Malagor with a Rod of Repetition
Jim the Wargor hero
1x Centigor hero
1x Bray-Shaman

Total Points = 2000 points
Total Units = 22 units
Breakpoint = 11 units (12 with this scenarios special rules)


4 units of Halberdiers
2 units of Crossbows
1 unit of Flagellants
1 unit of Great Swords
2 units of Knights
1 unit of Helblasters
1 unit of Cannons
1x General
1x Hero
1x Wizard

Total Points = 1020 points
Total Units = 12 units
Breakpoint = 6 units (7 with this scenarios special rules)

2 units of Bowmen
2 units of Men-at-arms
1 unit of Squires with a Sword of Fate
4 units of Knights
1x General mounted on a Pegasus
1x Hero
1x Enchantress

Total Points = 1000 points
Total Units = 9 units
Breakpoint = 5 units (6 with this scenarios special rules)


The Alliance forms up on the eastern side of the battlefield

The Empire forces eye the north-eastern entrance to Arnesvelt

The Beastmen (500 points worth) take up position within the ruins...

...and prepare their ambush should any enemy attempt to capture the town

Meanwhile the Centigors take the northern river crossing...

...whilst Khorgor leads a brigade of Gors, Bestigors and Razorgors across the central river crossing

...and the Wargor Jim leads the Minotaur, Chaos Spawn, Chaos Giant brigade across the southern river crossing

The pride of Bretonnia array for battle as their Duke calls orders from above, circling on his Pegasus, "This dawn will be a red dawn. Let vengeance and wrath pure forth on our hated foe!"

Let battle commence!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Revenge at Arnesvelt.... a 2000 point Warmaster scenario

The Easter break provided a great opportunity to get in a game of Warmaster. The scenario that was used was based on the Warhammer Blood in the Borderlands scenario from White Dwarf 362 (Feb 2010). This scenario saw the Beastmen square off against an alliance of Empire and Bretonnian forces. I will cover how it panned out in a future battle report, but I thought I would detail the scenario here for future reference.

The scenario comes from White Dwarf 362 that highlighted the newly revamped Beastmen for Warhammer.

Vendergeld and Dammeransk, the garrison towns that maintain the border between Marienburg and the kingdom of Bretonnia, have been overrun and razed to the ground by the infamous Beastlord Khorgor of the Black Horn. From his herdstone-strewn lair in the Quagmire Forest, Khorgor has burnt a great gouging path through the Empire and into Bretonnia, destroying anything that stands in his way. His war horns wind and blare through the woods, summoning ever larger and fouler creatures to his side and galvanising the nearby tribes of Beastmen into a state of primal rage.

But the men of the Empire have allies of their own. Emissaries from Marienburg have ridden pell-mell through the Gisoreux Gap to the courts of the city of Gisoreux itself, petitioning for a coordinated action to purge the Beastmen from the borderlands once and for all. They met with some success - a cavalry detachment of Bretonnia's finest now ride alongside the soldiers of the Empire who have tracked Khorgor's rampage across hill and vale. Little do they know, however, that they ride into a trap. Behind Beastlord Khorgor's actions is Malagor, the Dark Omen himself - a Brey-Shaman of surpassing power whose mere presence is a portent for disaster.

As the sun rises and the mists clear around the smoking remains of Arnesvelt, Khorgor's latest conquest, the human alliance rides forth to purge the Beastmen that lie slumbering in the ashes after their wanton victory celebrations. Grim smiles and oaths of vengeance spread throughout the ranks of mankind's finest as they see the Beastmen disordered and slumbering ahead of them.

Suddenly, a storm of crows bursts from the chimneys of the ruined houses, whirling and coalescing to become Malagor himself. Borne aloft on tattered pinions, his great cry rings out, and the Beastmen leap up into battle formation with shocking speed. Worse still, the cry is answered all about by coarse battle horns and the unmistakeable lowing of blood-hungry Minotaurs. The men of the Empire and the Knights of Bretonnia share dark looks before murmuring prayers and girding themselves for battle. The trap is sprung...

The ruin of Arnesvelt

2000 points a side, with Bretonnia and Empires forces comprising 1000 points each.

The battlefield

Allies have the First Move: The Empire and Bretonnia move first on Turn 1, representing the Allies finally catching up with the Beastmen.

First Move Free: On Turn 1, during each players Command Phase, you may move each of your units once free of having to make any command rolls. Move each unit on your side once only. After that, the Command Phase begins as normal. Units now within Initiative range may charge, any other unit may be moved by command rolls as though they had not moved at all that turn. This rule applies on Turn 1 only and not during subsequent turns. The purpose of this rule is to get units moving across the battlefield on the first turn and represents the Empire and Bretonnia marching in to battle, and Malagor calling the Beastmen to respond.

Allied Play: On each of the Allies turn, during the Command Phase, the Empire player must move his units first. After the Empire player has completed moving his units, the Bretonnian player moves his units. After that, both may move their command units together at the completion of the Allied Command Phase. The Allied shooting and melee phases are simultaneous. If the game is played as a two player game, this process must still be followed. This rule represents the fact that two independent, but allied, armies are represented on one side.

Independent Allies: Command pieces from the Empire player may not command any Bretonnian units and vica versa. Each army is independent. Each is likewise independent with regards to their Breakpoint values. If the Empire or Bretonnia exceed their breakpoint value, they will withdraw. However their ally will not withdraw but still be in the battle. In this way, one ally's defeat will not necessarily see the defeat of the other ally. The Beastman player must defeat each of the Allies army's independently by destroying them or forcing them to withdraw.

Buildings: Units within ruined buildings in Arnesvelt are regarded as Fortified. Moreover, shooting units within these ruins gain 360 degree shooting ability as they are able to spread out across the ruined building and take advantage of the protection afforded by their ruined walls to attack enemy units coming from any direction.

Break Point: Due to the determination to destroy each other, each army must lose one more unit than their Breakpoint value indicates. So if an individual army has a breakpoint value of 7, then once they loose their 8th unit, they will withdraw. Remember to account for losses to Empire and Bretonnian units independently as looses of Empire units will not effect the breakpoint value of the Bretonnia army and vica versa.

The village of Arnesvelt sits close to the eastern map edge, approximately 1/3 inwards towards the centre of the table. The town is located on a plateau that has three entrances to the town on its NE, SE and SW edges.

On the western edge of the table is a forest running down the full length of the table. Close to this forest is a broad but shallow river. Three fords permit access from the forest to the main part of the table. Each ford is 5cm wide.

Assorted additional terrain should be placed as mutually agreed by the players.

Eastern edge of the table with Arnesvelt situated on a plateau

The table centre looking north, Arnesvelt and river clearly visible

The forest and river crossing on the western edge of the table

Roll off to determine who sets up first. The Alliance sets up on the eastern edge of the table within 20cm of the table edge.

Alliance deployment zone

The Beastmen must set up 500 points worth of troops in the ruins of Arnesvelt. These units can be deployed anywhere on the plateau and can be placed within ruins. Malagor must be taken as a Beastmen hero and placed within the ruins of Arnesvelt during deployment.

The Arnesvelt deployment zone and the three entrances to town

The remaining 1,500 points of Beastmen units must be placed within the forest on the western part of the table, within 20cm of that table edge.

Beastmen western edge deployment zone

The Alliance must defeat the Beastmen by either completely destroying them or driving them from the field. The Beastmen must destroy, or force to retreat, both the Empire and Bretonnian armies. The ruins of Arnesvelt are not a strategic point to be captured as the town now lays in ruins. So forces are not required to capture any strategic ground but instead must force each other from the field.

Standard victory conditions apply with the side that forces the other to flee the battlefield gaining an extra 500 victory points for breaking their enemy.

The challenge here will be for the Alliance to act in unison. This will be harder than it seems as each army acts independently of the other. The Beastmen however begin with a divided force and must move the majority of their forces across half of the table to engage the enemy. However, their forces within the ruins are Arnesvelt gain the benefit of being fortified, helping them to hold out until help arrives from the forest.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Spartan Games are introducing Halo: Ground Command!

This arrived today, and I'm damn exited about it....

Spartan Games is launching its second foray into the Halo world... exciting, all-new Ground Command!

Available for pre-order here!

Halo: Ground Command gives you the tools to play out epic battles on Reach between stalwart soldiers of the UNSC and the merciless legions of the alien Covenant. Cities will fall, heroes will rise, and destiny will be forged in battles planned, directed, and implemented on the tabletop. From massive tank engagements at Szurdok Ridge to small groups of Spartans deployed in defense of New Alexandria, you are in control, making life and death decisions as a UNSC commander charged with the safety of this critical planet. Or taking the role of an alien invader, leading the Covenant invasion force as a field marshal ordered to exterminate humanity, at any cost.

The Covenant are on Reach. Your troops await their orders.

Using highly detailed 1/100th scale figures and vehicles, the game features powerful, yet easy-to-master game mechanics, and has been created to bring the atmosphere of the Halo video games to wargaming tabletops around the world.

The Battle for Reach 2-player starter box is available for pre-order now and will be shipping later this summer, for BRP65.00 RRP (approximately AU$91.66).

The starter box will contain everything needed for you to start playing Halo: Ground Command, including:

- Full colour Halo: Ground Command Rulebook

- Statistics and reference sheets for UNSC and Covenant forces
- 20 Custom Dice and 6 Halo Command Dice
- Damage, Activation and Cooldown Game Tokens
- Halo Scenery

UNSC 1000 Point Battle Force
Including 1 x Officer, 1 x Medic, 1 x Radio Operator, 2 x Snipers, 2 x Spotters, 2 x 2-man HMG Teams, 2 x 2-man Missile Teams, 27 x Troopers, 2 x Warthogs (Gatling, Gauss and Rocket Weapons for each) and 1 x Spartan

Covenant 1000 Point Battle Force
Including 1 x Elite Ultra, 2 x Elite Minor, 3 x Elite Majors, 6 x Grunts with Fuel Rods, 24 x Grunt Minors, 3 x Ghosts with Grunt Operator and 2 x Hunters

Halo: Ground Command is designed with modularity in mind, allowing you to easily customise your forces. The contents of this 2-player box can quickly and intuitively be built on, allowing additional units of Infantry (such as Spartans, ODST, Elites and Jackals), Armour (such as Warthogs, Scorpions, Ghosts and Wraiths) and Aerial (such as Pelican Dropships, Banshees and Phantom Troop Carriers) to be fielded.

For more information on the game, download our PDF Release Guide, or head to the Spartan Games blog.

A sneak peek at some of the exciting upcoming models for Halo: Ground Command will also be on display at the UK Salute 2016 show, and our game and model designers will be on hand for a chat about what's in store for this exciting new game!

I'm drooling already!