Friday, 15 April 2016

Revenge at Arnesvelt...pre-battle deployment

In the previous post I outlined the Revenge at Arnesvelt scenario. This post breaks down the forces that faced each other over the Easter break.

First, the key protagonists.

Khorgor of the Black Horn

The infamous Beastlord Khorgor of the Black Horn. From his herdstone-strewn lair in the Quagmire Forest, Khorgor has burnt a great gouging path through the Empire and into Bretonnia, destroying anything that stands in his way. His war horns wind and blare through the woods, summoning ever larger and fouler creatures to his side and galvanising the nearby tribes of Beastmen into a state of primal rage.
Malagor, the Dark Omen

Behind Beastlord Khorgor's actions is Malagor, the Dark Omen himself - a Brey-Shaman of surpassing power whose mere presence is a portent for disaster.

Empire Captain Van Bekk of Marienburg

Captain Van Bekk is a grizzled and seasoned veteran of many battles. His has risen through the ranks of Marienburg's military through demonstrating his prowess and cunning in battle. He has faced the ravages of the Beastmen before and holds a deep personal hatred for the vial beasts. He is determined to drive back this latest assault and hopefully kill Khorgor in the attempt.

The Duke of Gisoreux

The Duke of Gisoreux is likewise a seasoned veteran and no stranger to dealing with the deprivations of the Beastmen either. Gisoreux has suffered many times at the hands and hoofs of these fell creatures and by the grace of the Lady, the pride of Gisoreux will see these foul creatures vanquished from the land.



2 units of Ungors
2 units of Ungor Raiders
5 units of Gors
1 unit of Bestigors
2 units of Minotaurs
3 units of Centigors
4 units of Chaos Hounds
1 unit of Razorgors
1 Chaos Spawn
1 Chaos Giant
1x Beastlord on a Tuskgor Chariot
Malagor with a Rod of Repetition
Jim the Wargor hero
1x Centigor hero
1x Bray-Shaman

Total Points = 2000 points
Total Units = 22 units
Breakpoint = 11 units (12 with this scenarios special rules)


4 units of Halberdiers
2 units of Crossbows
1 unit of Flagellants
1 unit of Great Swords
2 units of Knights
1 unit of Helblasters
1 unit of Cannons
1x General
1x Hero
1x Wizard

Total Points = 1020 points
Total Units = 12 units
Breakpoint = 6 units (7 with this scenarios special rules)

2 units of Bowmen
2 units of Men-at-arms
1 unit of Squires with a Sword of Fate
4 units of Knights
1x General mounted on a Pegasus
1x Hero
1x Enchantress

Total Points = 1000 points
Total Units = 9 units
Breakpoint = 5 units (6 with this scenarios special rules)


The Alliance forms up on the eastern side of the battlefield

The Empire forces eye the north-eastern entrance to Arnesvelt

The Beastmen (500 points worth) take up position within the ruins...

...and prepare their ambush should any enemy attempt to capture the town

Meanwhile the Centigors take the northern river crossing...

...whilst Khorgor leads a brigade of Gors, Bestigors and Razorgors across the central river crossing

...and the Wargor Jim leads the Minotaur, Chaos Spawn, Chaos Giant brigade across the southern river crossing

The pride of Bretonnia array for battle as their Duke calls orders from above, circling on his Pegasus, "This dawn will be a red dawn. Let vengeance and wrath pure forth on our hated foe!"

Let battle commence!