Sunday, 22 February 2015

Kzinti Fleet on the production line

Been busy again and haven't had too much time for the hobby this month so far, sadly.

However I have been working on a number of A Call To Arms - Star Fleet miniatures. I'm feeling the need to get some time in slugging it out over the galaxy once the big 3,500 point Warmaster battle that is dominating the gaming table is finished.

So thought I would show you how the Kzinit's are progressing. I have decided to vary the base colour between Destroyers, Cruisers, Dreadnoughts etc. Kzinti ships look fairly similar when you cast you eye across the battle table, so in order to easily distinguish them from one another I have varied the colour scheme.

I have also modified a shuttle with some of the tiny engines from the Kzinti destroyer model to make a warp pod shuttle.

I fact, I have swapped around the engines on a number of Kzin models, using engines from models I didn't like, to make what I thought were better versions of the original model. Some of the varients will also be proxies for the models I won't be using because they look to boxy. More on this in a later post when I can show them off.

Anyway, see what you think about the first painted Kzinti ships.

The Kzinti BC is on the left, the Kzinti Destroyer is in the middle and the Warp Shuttle is on the right in the image below. All these are from Mongoose Publishing.

Close up of the "warp shuttle" below.

Paint scheme underneath the Kzin.

You can see some of the variants I am working on in the background and to the right in the image below. Swapping around warp nacelles definitely adds to the original model, I believe, but its a bugger when you've almost super glued your fingers together for the fifth time!