Wednesday, 28 January 2015

On the Painting Table... Kzinti Battle Cruiser

Just finished the first of my Kzinti ships for Star Trek - A Call to Arms. This one is the Kzinti Battle Cruiser, an old time favourite of mine from back in my Star Fleet Battles days. I wanted to test out a Babylon 5 Narn style of paint scheme for the Kzinti, with a reddish style base and black camouflage tiger stripes.

Here's the result...

...and this is the paint scheme:

  • Basecoat in Chaos Black
  • Paint the windows Temple Guard Blue
  • Paint Disruptor Tubes in Blood Red

  • Drybrush whole model in Scarab Red, being careful not to cover the windows or disruptor tubes.

  • Paint the nacelles and rear engine in Warpstone Glow. For the rear engine, I then drybrushed Scarab Red very lighted over raised bars on the rear engine, being again careful not to cover over the Warpstone Glow that was deeper inside the engine recess.

  • Finally, paint the tiger stripe camouflage in Chaos Black.
  • When dry, outline the tiger stripe in Skull White. And try to do a better job than I did!

I might try some other colour combinations to help distinguish different ships on the battle table. But I like how this colour combination has turned out.