Saturday, 24 January 2015

On the Painting Table... How to make 10mm Wamaster Sepulchral Stalkers

In a flash of inspiration, I hit upon an idea on how to make Sepulchral Stalkers for Warmaster. I saw one of the Malifaux miniatures and got to thinking.

The end result was this...

It was a fairly simple process to make this. I started with the Malifaux Arcanists Razorspine Rattler miniature (the new version!) and some GW Tomb Kings Tomb Guard, and some green-stuff and super glue.

I cut the serpent jaw from the Arcanists Razorspine Rattler miniature, being careful to keep the neck frill intact. I selected the Tomb Guard bits that I wanted to use and then used some green-stuff to make a secure connection for the head of one of the Tomb Guard to the Rattler neck. I also added some super-glue both where the green-stuff connected the rattler body and Tomb Guard head to make sure it stuck fast.

A word of caution: the Arcanists Razorspine Rattler mini is a right royal pain in the backside to put together and more than a few choice words were spoken during this process. Super-glue, Razorspine Rattler bits and human fingers don't go together well, so be careful when gluing this damned thing. Moreover, the Razorspine Rattler pieces don't fit together very well in some places, so be prepared and do a lot of testing before you glue!

I then chose the Tomb Guard weapons I wanted to add to the body. All the Tomb Guard weapons are in the left hand and their shields are in the right hand. So I had to get creative with the right side of the mini. Fortunately there are some free unarmed/unshielded right arms that were meant to have shields attached. I cut some left handed weapons free (complete with their left hand still attached) and joined them to the right arm after cutting off the right hand. Again, you'll want to do some testing before you start to glue the arms and weapons in place.

And that was about all I did!

Size wise, the Arcanists Razorspine Rattler mini is a fairly good fit for a Sepulchral Stalker in a 10mm to 12mm army. Some comparison images can be seen below. I placed this on a 4x4cm base as the body of the Rattler extends out far enough to warrant such a sized base. It's my intention to do two more of these and thus make a Unit of Sepulchral Stalkers comprise three models.

When I get around to painting this, I'll post some more images of the final job and add the house rules that are used for Sepulchral Stalkers in Warmaster.