Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Burke Class FFG - Star Trek A Call to Arms

Had to post some photos of the Burke Class FFG that I got around to painting recently. This is from the Starline 2400 series.

Painting process was simple too:
  • Basecoat in Administratum Grey
  • Wash in Badab Black Wash
  • Lightly wetbrush (almost a heavy drybrush) in Ulthuan Grey
  • Highlight parts of the model in Ulthuan Grey
  • Highlight engine intake and outlets in Ice Blue, with a highlight afterwards of Skink Blue
  • Paint the Impulse Engine in Mephiston Red, with a highlight afterwards in Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Paint navigation beacons in (port) Evil Sunz Scarlet and (starboard) Snot Green
A few more pic's (some a little out of focus sorry) of the model.
It's a small model and a nice fit for the J.J. Abrams interpretation of Star Trek