Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Campaign Map for A Call to Arms - Starfleet - PART 2

I think I have finally finished my campaign map for use in A Call to Arms Starfleet.

Since the previous post I have added major planets to the map, with the key planets being named and the rest marked as "major" (for a major planet). These planets are important as strategic locations and also for the economic and resupply rules found within Federation & Empire.

I have drawn in the various provinces within each Empire. The founding Federation provinces are also represented. They are provinces now within the Federation, but their boundaries represent the original space controlled by the governments of Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Telor, Rigel, etc and will come into play as part of The First Romulan War campaign.

The Orion Nebula can be seen in the middle of this image (i.e. seven coloured hexes). The Federation(blue)/Klingon (light green) boarder can be seen on the bottom left corner. Provinces can also be seen as coloured boundaries on hexes, with the original Federation government areas in blue, and the later Federation ones in grey. The Orion province can be seen in purple.

I have also put in the major political groups from Babylon 5 in the upper right quadrant of the map. This allows for cross-overs in the campaign with even more races being available to fight it out. The B5 races aren't major players and so get a much smaller area for their empires. Moreover since they rely on jump-engine technology (a bit like the Xindi from Star Trek - Enterprise era), rather than warp engines, they are dependant on those engines to engage movement across the map from one hex to the next and so are much slower than warp powered ships.

The major planets stand out quite well on the map, and the major nebulas are the coloured hexes. The Delphic Expanse, the WYN Radiation Zone, the Orion Nebula, The Badlands and the Brier Patch are all represented.

The B5 Earth Allience is present in this area as well. Their backstory being that they are descendants from a group of human colonists who escaped the Star Trek universe Eugenics War on pre-warp colony transports and, finding a jump gate near Jupiter, escaped across the map to their new home (which they dubbed "Earth 2" or just "Earth" later on). After a few years on their new world, they feared that the jump-gate they used would be found and the Augments would concur their new home. So they rigged the Jupiter gate to explode before disappearing through it back home (gravity took care of the remains of the gate and now its a small dense lump of alloy in the heart of Jupiter). Hence the Jupiter gate was never found by Starfleet and thus humanity never pursued jump engine technology.

You can see Earth (i.e. our star Sol) in the centre, with Alpha Centari, Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, Cait and Denobula visible. The Vega colonies are at the top of this image as well. You can also see the original government boundaries of the pre-Federation governments in blue outline on the hexes.

Romulas and Remii are visible here (hexes 1720 & 1819) as well as the Federation (blue) / Romulan (dark green) border.

Qo'nos is visible here as well as Rura Penthe, and the Federation and Tholian (purple) boarders. Some of the Klingon government provinces can also be seen.

The Bajoran Wormhole is also represented in hex 3104, with Bajor next to it and Cardassia not far away (hex 2904). The Badlands are the coloured hexes 3103, 3203 3202. Ferenginar is present in hexe 3201. Cardassian territory is in yellow, Ferengi in pink, and the Kzinti in orange on the bottom left of this image. The purple hex at the far top right is part of The Delphic Expanse.
All that is left to do is find someway of printing white labels on to clear plastic tape and adding the empire names to the map. Believe it or not, this has proved much harder to achieve that I suspected. But the map works fine without these for now and is ready to map out the ongoing campaign.