Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Basic Rolepaying (BRP) with miniatures - part 3 - Liara Kartaran, Dark Elf Sorceress

I've posted twice now about the roleplaying project I have been working on for my RPG group. So far I've introduced two of the four character. For this post meet the third member of the party, Liara Kartaran.

Like Meraung introduced previously, Liara also is a dark elf.

From an early age, she was sold off to a sorcerer as domestic help. Over time she learnt the basics of the trade from her owner.

When she was old enough her owner took an interest in her that was not to her liking. Not long afterwards she killed her owner in his sleep, stole some supplies, gold and a few magic items and escaped to a port where she hired herself on to a corsair ship and sailed eastwards to the Old World.

From there she jumped ship during a coastal raid and joined the refugees escaping inland to hide from the raiders. Thereon after, she claimed she was a High Elf Sorceress and has been selling her skills as a mercenary.

This miniature is also from Reaper Miniatures (reference 03193 Carinth, Dark Elf Sorceress). Again its another really nice metal miniature. A few more images below have been included to give you an idea of the full miniature.

Liara has a dark secret that manifests itself wherever she is about to die (and which is a source of great amusement for the other players). But better save that for a future post.