Sunday, 13 August 2017

Halo Ground Command UNSC Pelican Dropship

UNSC Pelican Dropship components

My pre-order for the Halo Ground Command UNSC Pelican Dropship arrived during the week from The Combat Company and I have only really just had the time to have a decent look at it. So here are some pictures showing the miniature and its scale compared to the 15mm UNSC troops.

The first images are of the data cards and order chips that come with the miniature.

Below you can see the large flight stand that comes with the miniature.

Below is the miniature itself on my cutting board. Next to the miniature are a set of 15mm UNSC troopers still on their spru (confession time - I haven't yet painted any of my Halo Ground Command units, much to my shame. Too many other things that need painting right now). The scale on my cutting board is inches, even though I'm a metric dude.

Pelican model (top) with wings detached

Pelican model (side)

Pelican model (underneath)

The model comes with the rear hatch sealed. So no internal details are visible.

Given that the Pelican is 1:300 scale, I've put together a comparison shot below comparing the Pelican, the UNSC 15mm troops and some 10mm Pendraken Miniatures SciFi soldiers. As you can see, the 10mm soldiers are more in scale with the Pelican.

10mm Pendraken SciFi soldiers next to 15mm UNSC troopers

Spartan Games wanted originally to produce the Pelican in scale with the rest of the game. But this would have produced a large and expensive miniature. So they settled for a near enough scale, being 1:300. That scale, as you can see, is pretty darn good for 10mm. I'm not complaining. A 15mm version with open rear hatch would have been excellent, but a 10mm version for me is sweet as well.

This time I'll use the flash!

Concluding thoughts: it's a nice model that scales well with 10mm sci-fi miniatures, such as those from Pendraken, but is too small to fit in scale with the 15mm Halo Ground Command miniatures. So it will make a nice backdrop but won't really suit anything other than a flyby on the Halo battlefield.

That said, I want to get some more for my 10mm sci-fi miniatures. So in time I may get some more!