Wednesday, 15 November 2017

EPIC Fortress

eBay purchase - just search for Epic Fortress

I recently picked up this Epic scale fortress from eBay. If you search for "epic fortress" you should be able to find it easily enough. There are several options to choose from. I chose the nine part fortress. But you can also choose seven, five and two part options as different "but it now" entries on eBay.

10mm Reaper CAV infantry and Epic scale Dreadnoughts in front of the main gate

Here are my thoughts on how good it is.


  • Made of poly-stone, so durable as long as it isn't dropped.
  • Scales to accommodate Epic, 10mm and 15mm easily enough.
  • Larger walls than other types available
  • Fits easily with either a 40K or post-apocalyptic setting
  • Nice design


  • Expensive, especially with shipping to Oz
  • Walls don't sit flush against each other due to the mold making.
  • Heavy, though this is also a plus really as it is made of durable poly-stone
  • Lots of "flashing" on the base of the model. But can be easily removed.
  • Stupid me should have bought additional pieces in order to make a fully walled base. 😒

Have to say that overall I think its a great buy. Especially so given that I usually play with 10mm to 15mm scale minis. I do want to get additional pieces (e.g. 4x more 45 degree bent walls, 2x straight walls and another gate). So its worth it if you are looking for something larger than the existing Epic scale fortresses on the market that I have found so far. Here are more images if you are interested.