Monday, 19 February 2018

Ral Partha Skeletal Guards for Chaos Wars

The dead of The Silent Legion gather

I'm slowly painting my way through the forces I'm going to use in my first battle using the Chaos Wars rules from Ral Partha / Iron Wind Metals. You can download the rules for free from the Ral Partha website here.

One of the units I finished over the weekend were the Skeletal Guards from the Iron Wind Metals web store (find them here and here).


These lads will be forming the bodyguard of the Lich Lord who is raising The Silent Legion and wreaking havoc across the lands of the north (that's a hint to the background for the battle).

Group shot time, Lads!

These are dam fine mini's. Love the armour and the details. They just look like they mean business and are happy to deliver it too! They are going to make an appearance on the table top for my role playing group as well.

The Lads on a Kings of War movement tray from eBay

I bent some of the shield arms on a few of the mini's in order to give some variety to the look of the troops. It was a simple thing to do but provided a variety to the look of the unit.

Now, to keep raising that legion!