Sunday, 15 April 2018

Doctor Wuh?

The 8th Doctor Who

Some years ago Heresy Miniatures made some "not Doctor Who" stand in's for the recent batch of Doctors. They didn't last long due to some legal issues and so Heresy pulled the line of miniatures. I wasn't aware at the time when they were made, and so missed out getting them. However I did manage to be able to pick this guy up from eBay recently.

Known as "Not the 8th Doctor", it was a nice stand in for Paul McGann's very briefly seen version of the 8th Doctor. Despite his short on-screen performance in The Doctor Who Movie and The Night of the Doctor, he was the longest running regeneration of the Doctor by virtue of books, radio plays and other off-screen adventures.

The 8th Doctor lived through the first part of the Time War and that opens up some opportunities for more combat oriented games than the usual run of the mill Doctor Who Miniatures Games usually are. However the 8th Doctor made it clear that he did his best to avoid The Time War. It was also clear that it had impacted on his life before he regenerated into the War Doctor.

Looking disheveled and slightly annoyed by the whole Time War thingy, this miniature reflects the latter look of the 8th Doctor.

Now, if only my orders for my other Doctor Who miniatures would arrive...

Trouble afoot!