Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Reaper Mini's Death Shroud

Just finished painting up a Reaper Miniatures Death Shroud for my Chaos Wars and Kings of War undead forces.

It's another really nicely made miniature from Reaper Miniatures. I chose to purchase the more expensive metal version as I prefer to have metal over plastic when I can get it.

So I can't speak for the Bones plastic version as to how well it is made. The metal version however is very nice.

This lad joins my undead forces currently being painted for Chaos Wars. But it will also make a nice addition for Kings of War.

I painted this mini by first base coating it in black spray. I then heavily dry brushed it in white paint so as to highlight the more raised sections. I was careful not to paint the interior of the shroud whilst doing this. I then applied a blue wash over the entire mini. Once dry, using a mid-blue colour I once again dry brushed the miniature, being careful to keep the dry brushing to the more raised areas so as to not cover over my previous paint work. I then applied a light blue dry brush lightly over the raised areas, again being careful not cover my previous work. Finally I used white paint to very lightly dry brush the raised areas. After that, all that was needed was basing the miniature.