Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Now over Easter...

So over the Easter break, what did I manage to achieve?

Well apart form going to my church on Good Friday and visiting a friends church on Easter Sunday, remembering Jesus death, burial and resurrection, and eating a little too much chocolate, I did manage to get stuck a little into the painting backlog of miniatures on my painting table. Having four days off work inspired me to try to catch up. Still got a long way to go with my ACTA miniatures, as you can see from my motivational poster that reminds me to get off my backside and to finish this lot!

I did also get to play my second ever game of A Call To Arms Star Fleet, which I'll post separately.

With the 3,500 point a side Warmaster battle finally concluded (a monster battle report that I will try to write up soon'ish) I've decided to put aside my Warmaster painting for the moment to catch up on my ACTA mini's and get some battles happening for the First Romulan War campaign.

So its back to the painting table.... and also back to work  :(