Sunday, 28 June 2015

Building a Roman Navy - Xyston 1/600th scale Ancient Galleys

As a side project (one of many), I have been slowly working on my collection of Xyston 1/600th scale Ancient Galleys.

Roman Quinquereme, Admirals vessel.

A search around the web shows very little in the way of painted ancient galley wargaming blogs, so I thought I would share a few pictures of what I have done so far. I want to build up fleets for Roman, Greek, Persian and Carthaginian navies.

First set of images is the Roman Quinquereme which has been based so that its easily identifiable on the table as the Admirals ship.

I still haven't found an ancient naval ruleset that doesn't require a PhD and that I am happy with. But here's how they have been painted.

Basecoat in Skull White.

Pain the underneath in a Scorched Brown.

Wash the entire model in a brown ink wash.

I used Red Gore as the red colour common the fleet. Each of the navies I propose to make will have a common unifying colour somewhere of each ship. In the case of Rome is has to be red, for what other colour typifies Rome more than red?

I then used Snakebite Leather for the rudders and some of the raised panelling on the ship.

I then used Skull White again for painting certain areas on the bow and stern and the teardrop shaped eye on the bow. I also used a Bronze colour for the ram on the bow of the ship.

I then used a variety of colours for the tent at the stern of each ship.

Finally, I stripped up the tent with white stripes on some of the ships. This helps to differentiate which ship is which on the table.

When I get the Roman fleet fully finished, I'll post a group photo of the lot.