Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Army of the Dead - Ghostly Riders in 1/72

Well, a new month and officially the first of Spring (we'll according to the calendar... the orbit of the Earth and its tilt really saw spring start Downunder a little while ago... just having a whinge....anyway, I digress, back to this blog post....).

So being the time of renewal, I thought I would post some images of my recently completed dead things. Namely, my War of the Ring Gondor Army of the Dead Riders / Angmar Ghostly Riders. These could also work well for Warhammer as Vampire Counts Skeletal Steeds in 1/72 scale...hmmm have to think about that one a little more!

To paint them, I followed the same process as for the infantry in the post here.

Being 1/72 scale the miniatures work nicely on the standard eight base infantry tray.

This has the added benefit of making the cavalry more easier to move than on the standard two miniature cavalry base, and also makes the cavalry seem more menacing as they are packed together more tightly on the eight base movement tray.

My only reservation about putting Cavalry on the eight base movement tray, rather than the standard two base tray, is that I may need to adjust the WotR stats by 4 times to reflect the eight bases on the tray.

However, this may work out well in the long run. Given that a standard WotR Company of cavalry is only two bases to a movement tray, this means that the eight bases movement tray will equal a total of four companies. So bottom line, I get a total of four companies of cavalry to a movement tray, rather than just one company.

Still have to give this idea a run on the battlefield. So more to paint and a future game and battle report to try this all out. So keep watching this space!