Saturday, 22 August 2015

Trojan Rabbit... in 10mm!

Being a fan of Monty Python, I was inspired by seeing this post on H.A.W.K.S. blog. So I headed over the Shapeways immediately to find this little guy.

Finding it here, I couldn't resist getting myself one. The National Cheese Emporium on Shapeways makes these in different sizes so if your after one larger than 10mm, you should be able to find what your after.

I started with base coating this is Skull White.

Then heavily washed it in a brown ink.

I purchased this lad in White, Strong and Flexible texture on Shapeways and its detail is good for 10mm. The texture of the White, Strong & Flexible also added something to the final output in my view.

The finished product with some 10mm Bretonnian Men-at-Arms that I bought off eBay showing its scale.

Group Shot!

I plan to do some house rules for this, but basically it will be able to hold a unit of infantry and act like a weird sort of battering ram.

Arr... how do we fit in there?

Giving the Trojan Rabbit a jump-start.

Group shot with the lads!