Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Orions have arrived! ACTA Star Fleet Orion Pirates

I finally have gotten around to painting some Orion Pirate ships for ACTA Star Fleet. These have been on my 'to-do' list for some time, but I could never figure out just how I wanted to paint them.
I have been looking through Google Images of painted Orion ships and found nothing that appealed to me. However, playing Just Cause 3 gave me inspiration. I noticed the colour scheme on the Medici rebel helicopters and that set me to thinking of doing a similar colour scheme for my Orion Raiders.
Orion Light Raider (LR)
The most common Orion ship seen in the quadrant is the Light Raider. A versatile small vessel well designed to take out Escorts and plunder trading vessels. As with all Orion ships, these are designed for atmospheric flight as well as inter-stellar operations.

I have two Light Raiders, one Raider and one Salvage Cruiser from a Mongoose Publishing box set with some Klingons. So these are about 1:2500 scale and are very nicely detailed. Amarillo Design Bureau still produce these and you can get them at their web store.

Second of the two Light Raiders

I don't want a large fleet of these guys, as Orion's tend to run around in small groups of ships. Cartels will either pilot their own ships or lease an operating space to other pirates, taking a percentage of the profits. The Salvage Cruiser will often act as a mobile base, refuelling and reloading raiders and also storing their ill gotten gains.

Orion Salvage Cruiser (SAL)

The second most common Orion ship found throughout the quadrant is the Orion Raider. A small, highly manoeuvrable light cruiser capable of going toe to toe with most Escorts and Frigates.

The Orion Raider (CR)

I'm tempted to get one or too more from Amarillo Design Bureau but these four make up a good little pirate raiding fleet able to harass my ACTA Star Fleet cargo vessels. I think the colour scheme works out well also.