Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Normans are coming!

I've been busy beavering away on a few painting projects of late. So there are a few things to show off coming up. But one project I have always wanted to achieve is to have a very large Norman and Saxon army. Achieving this will take a LOT of painting, which is very daunting.

Three units arrayed for battle.

However, its a long term project so no time like the present to keep in moving forward. As such, I thought for this post I would show off three units of Kallistra Norman Armoured Infantry. These infantry are about 12mm tall making them slightly larger than Pendraken miniatures. That does make painting them slightly easier. Painting these lads was fairly straight forward. But I wanted each man's shield to be distinct in how it was painted. This I felt gave the Normans that distinctive look you see from history books.

Flash shot of the same group showing off the individual shields.

I still have some flags to attach to the command stands. But other than that, these gentlemen are ready to field. Enjoy!