Monday, 1 February 2016

Plague Drones of Nurgle for Warmaster (and other fantasy 10mm gaming)

"High-ranking Plaguebearers are known amongst the Daemon legions as Plague Drones, a title that conveys commendable humility. These overseers of Nurgle’s realm ride into realspace mounted upon Rot Flies – colossal daemonic insects whose appearance is so repugnant it scars the mind. (Games Workshop)"

During MOAB last October I came upon some new releases from Reaper Miniatures. These were products from their BONES I & II kickstarter campaigns. Amongst the lot of miniatures I purchased was the Fly Demon. I pick it up thinking that I could use it for something but wasn't sure at the time just what I wanted to use it for.

Anyway, it recently hit me that these could make good proxies for Rot Flies for Warmaster or other 10mm fantasy gaming.

Looking at the fly miniature, it can fit in nicely as a giant Rot Fly. All I would need was a rider for the filthy creature. That's when I remembered that I had a box of Nurglings. These little troublesome fellers are just the right size for 10-12mm wargaming.

So, to make one Plague Drone, take one Reaper Miniatures Fly Demon...

Add one Nurgling...

Glue it to the fly's back...

Add a cut up flag (this one came from the Kallistra miniatures Norman Command pack. I use paper flags for my troops, by the way) to make a wicked looking sword. Glue the sword to the Nurgling and VOILA! One Plague Drone of Nurgle. Now all I need to do is get more of those flies!