Saturday, 13 February 2016

Half-trolls of Harad for Warmaster (10mm)

I wanted to make some Half-trolls for my growing Haradrim army. Casting my eye around my usual favourite stockists of fine miniatures, I came across these from Splintered Light miniatures.

They are Savage Orcs and looked the part for what I was after.

There are only three different poses, but with some creative placement, they look pretty good.

The first unit was painted up fairly quickly. I used a wetbrush of Rakarth Flesh over a black basecoat (you could also achieve this with a very heavy drybrush of the same). The hair was painted in a grey, the wood in dark brown, the loincloths in a lighter brown and the axe heads in a light grey. The axe bindings were done in an off white colour.

My plan is to have a brigade of these blighters. So need to get some more from Splintered Light in the near future.