Sunday, 7 February 2016

10mm Warmaster Mumak

Eureka Miniatures make an excellent proxie for the Harad Mumak. I purchased a few of these Eureka mini's a couple of years ago. However I had not got around to painting any of them until a few weeks back. So here is the first of my 10mm Mumak proxies complete with Old Glory Arab Spearmen and Archers added for crew.

I based this on a GW cavalry base and also swapped around the tusks from their normal positions (the larger tusk goes above the smaller one) in order to provide some variety between the miniatures.

The howdah I also positioned differently to the position its meant to hold on the miniature. This enabled a look more similar to the 28mm version of the GW War Mumak.

I opted for a simple paint job on the Old Glory spearmen and archers, but they were still detailed enough to look good.

One down, a stack to go!