Sunday, 27 March 2016

Warmaster Tomb Kings Hierotitan

I've begun a process of revamping my Warmaster Tomb Kings army. No small feat and one of many projects I start and then end up doing piecemeal between a bunch of other projects. More on this project in the coming months!

Anyway, back at MOAB last October I picked up the Reaper Miniatures Avatar of Sokar from Reapers Bones range (ie plastic version, not the metal one), and over this Easter break I decided to paint it up. I though that this mini would make an excellent Tomb Kinds Hierotitan for my Warmaster army.

This bad boy is based on a 40x40mm base due to the base the plastic miniature is bound too. It towers menacingly over the battlefield and looks suitably nasty and bound to intimidate those puny 10mm figures.
Run, puny ones...RUUUNNNNN!!!!

I'm telling you lads, the fish was this big.. honest...

To paint it, I used the following method.
  • Basecoat in Chaos Black
  • Paint 'lightning style' flecks on the stone skin with Shadow Grey (i.e. a blue grey colour).
  • Highlight these flecks with Space Wolves Grey (i.e. light blue grey colour).
See below for example of what I mean by 'lightning style' flecks

'lightning style' flecks over the stone skin of the miniature

  • Next paint the robe cloth in Pallid Wych Flesh.
  • Highlight the cloth with White Scar
  • Paint leg bands, arm bands belt and base of rob, chest piece and headband in Sycorax Bronze
  • Paint cod-piece in Shinning Gold.
  • Paint the head dress in the same way as for the robe (Pallid Wych Flesh, then highlight in White Scar).
  • Paint the mace in Sycorax Bronze.

  •  Highlight metal in Shining Gold and Chainmail as you desire (see for example the cod piece and the mace below)
  • Paint the detail on the necklace with an alternate blue, red, green arrangement. Got this idea from a fantastic paint job done for the metal version of this miniature on the Reaper website.
  • I used Teclis Blue base highlighted by Temple Guard Blue for the blue colour,
  • Mephiston Red base highlighted by Evil Sunz Scarlet for the red colour, and
  • Warpstone Glow base highlighted by Goblin Green (Snott Green?) for the green colour.
  • The base edge I painted in Rakarth Flesh and then just used sand from my local beach to cover the base.

  •  I highlighted the eye guards with Chainmail as well.

I was tempted to wash the miniature in either black or brown wash but decided against it as I thought it would drown out the colours.

I want to do another one of these for my 1/72 Kings of War project. However I think I will buy the metal version of this miniature for that project as their is a lot of detail that only faintly can be seen in the plastic version. The metal version keeps those details and so can makes this lad a real centre piece for an army.

Hope you are having a blessed, safe and wonderful Easter!