Saturday, 14 May 2016

Calling all Halo fans... Dropships incoming!

An update arrived via email from Spartan Games regarding their upcoming Halo Ground Battles game.

Calling all Halo fans... Dropships incoming!

We're very excited to announce that our largest models to date, the heavyweight UNSC Pelican and the Covenant Phantom Dropships are available to pre-order now!

As you can see from the images we've supplied, our model makers are working from actual in-game digital models to guarantee an incredible level of accuracy. We've also given you a nice reference of scale by comparing these with an Xbox One Controller - as you can see, it could almost fit inside either model!

"These are two of the biggest models we've had the fortune to make for our Halo games," explains Spartan Games Creative Director, Neil Fawcett. "We showed the Pelican off at Salute 2016 in London, and Halo fans loved it. Folk who weren't even wargamers told us they wanted one. And folks' eyes lit up when they heard the Phantom was coming. So we figured we had to figure out how crazy demand for the models will be, so as to be able to satisfy demand when the new tabletop ground game launches."

The models are still being finalised, with these renders showing a work in progress, so they do carry a "Pending Licensor Approval" status from 343 Industries. As we move closer to them being officially signed off, we'll be sharing more updates.

The models will ship with a number of additional pieces pertinent to each model, so the box contents will include one highly detailed multi-part resin model, as well as:
Acrylic Flight Stand
Faction Miniatures (they are Dropships after all!)
Weapon Fits
Ownership Certificate
Full Assembly Insructions

Note also that some pewter components may be included.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more updates coming soon - we hope you guys are as excited about these models as we are!

Yeah baby! Got to get me some of these... when I'm not so broke....