Sunday, 29 May 2016

Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Hellebardiere's have arrived!

I highlighted in a previous post here that Warmonger Miniatures was running another Kickstarter for his 10mm Landsknecht miniatures. This time for the Hellebardiere (Halberdiers).

I opted for four units of the new Hellebardiere and during the week, the miniatures arrived in the post. Warmonger has done another fantastic job and is true to his word in running and delivery of his Kickstarters. So if you want to know about any future 10mm Landsknecht miniatures projects, sign up to his email notifications on his webstore and stay informed. Moreover, you can pick up some of these mini's now for yourself at his webstore.

Below are some images showing a comparison with the now out-of-production GW Empire Warmaster Halberdiers for reference. Both are the same height, though the Warmonger mini's look slightly stockier than the GW miniatures. Moreover you can see that Warmonger has made his miniatures in strips of two-man a piece rather than the GW strip version. GW did produce a series of Elite Halberdiers that was done in a two-man a piece strip, and Warmonger has followed this style of strip production. By doing this you get to provide a greater level of variety to your stands than the standard GW Halberdier's permitted. You can also cut most of them into single miniatures if you so desire.

You can also see what comes in a single packet of his Halberdiers below. Each packet makes up a Warmaster unit of three stands and comes with a command strip. You can also see the 15 two-man strips that come in various poses within the packet. So if you are after either a Landsknecht army or some excellent proxies or additions to your Warmaster Empire Army, stop by Warmongers webstore and check these out.