Sunday, 11 December 2016

Red Box War Trolls

Red Box from the Ukraine do some nice 1/72 scale fantasy plastic soldiers. I've shown in a previous post some of their Isengard style Uruk's before. Recently however they released some War Trolls.

Red Box War Trolls set 1

Putting on my thinking cap I decided that these may be useful as Olog-hai (Black Trolls) or as Half-Trolls. Olog's were, if I remember correctly, described by Tolkien as smaller than regular trolls but more cunning and dangerous. So I thought I would take a gamble and get some and see how they fair size-wise and also whether they could fit on a 40mm base for use in WotR cavalry movement trays.

So firstly, what do they look like? There are eight in a box and they come in four different molds (2 of each obviously).

They are pretty detailed for a softer plastic miniature. There is a bit of plastic "flashing" along to mold lines, but nothing too bad as to ruin the miniature. The plastic is thick enough to prevent too much bending. So they should be robust enough for the gaming table. They aren't as strong as the GW plastic miniatures, but will stand a little rough and tumble. So that's a bonus. They are also cheap if you look around on eBay, so that's a second bonus. Finally, the four types you can see above are also rather nice. So another bonus in my book.

OK, so far so good. So how do they compare to the GW LotR / WotR size miniatures. Well, as you can see below, not too bad. They are taller than the average human / elf / orc. So that's excellent news. They would certainly tower above the 1/72 scale miniatures that Reb Box also produce.

One elf vs. four trolls. My money is on the elf!

So how do they compare to the GW Trolls. They are roughly the size of a GW Cave Troll, but smaller than GW's other trolls. Which is fine by me, especially considering that I will be using them for the smaller Olog-hai / Half-troll troops.

I haven't painted them yet. So no idea how well the paint will hold. But I will be toning them in the Army Painter shader Strong Tone and that tends to hold the paint on well with more flexible plastic miniatures.

I may even use these guys in a kit bash fashion for some Blood Bowl varieties. More on that idea in the future!