Friday, 27 January 2017

Basic Rolepaying (BRP) with miniatures - "Bullseye" Berry

My favourite role playing system is Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying, also known as BRP.

"Bullseye" hunting orcs

BRP has been around as a system since the late 70's in its precursor form Runequest. A few years back Chaosium updated the system synergising their various games (Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, Superworld, Elfquest, Elric Stormbringer, etc) into the one system (BRP) with a stack of optional rules such as hit locations, strike ranks, sanity etc.

My role playing group have for some time now been asking that I bring in the use of miniatures for combat situational awareness rather than just relying on roughly drawn maps and descriptions. I finally relented and decided to find some miniatures that look like the pictures they chose to use for their characters.

The first character I needed to find a miniature for was this girl, "Bullseye" Berry...

Miss Berry herself

Good ol' "Bullseye" is a young ranger lass and she got her nickname through more than one famous critical hit that rescued the party from certain death in the game. So the problem was that I needed to find a nice miniature that looked like it could pass for Miss Berry.

Well Reaper Miniatures to the rescue! They have a nice miniature called Nienna, Elf Ranger (02909 in their catalog). Over the Christmas / New Year break I was finally able to start painting the miniature. And I am proud to say that she made her recent debut on the role playing table only a week ago.

"Bullseye" Berry

So here she is in all her adventuring splendor.

I'll post images of the other three member's of the adventuring team as I complete each one.

To finish off, here's some last pictures of Lady Berry. Enjoy!