Wednesday, 25 January 2017

More on those Black Gate Miniature Ogre scuplts

Another update came in from Black Gate Miniatures on the progress of sculpting their Ogres. You can read the full post here.

Work has been pretty hectic of late and so with little to show for my own hobby achievements this month, how about instead I show off more of Black Gate Miniatures excellent work on their 10mm Ogre army Kickstarter.

Ogre Warrior Command

The image above is of the command Ogres that will accompany both the Warrior and Armoured Warrior packs.

5 new sculpts

The second image is of the five new Ogre sculpts that will be part of the Ogre Warrior pack.

Things are moving along nicely with the filling of this Kickstarter. So hope to show off more of the excellent work of Black Gate Miniatures and my Kickstarter reward as well in the coming months.