Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Basic Rolepaying (BRP) with miniatures - part 4 - Ekckhhardth ("the Cremator"), Human Cleric

In earlier posts I showed off three of the four (actually there's five, but more on that in the future) player character miniatures I have been painting for my roleplaying group. You can see the previous character here. Time now to introduce the fourth character of the group. Please meet Ekckhhardth, aka "the Cremator".

Perhaps NOW is a good time to run!

Apart from having a nearly unpronounceable name, Ekckhhardth is the Cleric of the group. A priest of an as yet to be disclosed deity of the Warhammer Old World, Ekckhhardth is a young acolyte training for the priesthood of his faith.

Ekckhhardth the Cleric

As part of his training for priestly duties, he was placed in charge of preparations for burial of the recently deceased from his local congregation. Unfortunately for Ekckhhardth a lack of oversight from his immediate superior (something to do with too much Altdorf brandy) ended up in Ekckhhardth hitting upon the novel and expedient idea of cremating several bodies rather than embalming then according to the time honored traditions of his faith. This one event earned Ekckhhardth the moniker of "the Cremator" by his rather intoxicated superior.

Er, I wonder if Burning Hands will be of any used right now?

Not surprisingly this caused a bit of a backlash from both that congregation and the chief priest. In order to prevent more "novel ideas", and a potential lynch mob, Ekckhhardth was immediately transferred to a frontier church on the border of Kislev.

Hang on! Where did it go?

There he was encouraged to gain a little more worldly experience for a year by going on a personal pilgrimage to assist the Empire's people in that wild land. You know, the kinds of merchant caravans, mercenary bands and adventurers who are always getting in to trouble and in need of medical assistance. The more dangerous the experience, the better. And if he didn't come back after that year's pilgrimage due to some unforeseen tragedy, oh well, such is life.

This miniature is another of Reaper Miniatures (reference is 60063, Mystic Theurge). This miniature is very nicely detailed and in metal. The mini is basically hovering but I've based this with flock so as to hide this little fact.

So that's the last formal player character of the group. However, I do have one more to show off in a future post. A final member of the team who keeps popping up from time to time.

But more on that another time...