Friday, 7 April 2017

Kings of War battle report... well sort of....

The good guy's

I have a stack of Lord of the Rings miniatures from various factions, namely Numenor, Elves of the Last Alliance, Dwarves, Goblins and Angmar / Mordor. I really love the models of the Last Alliance men and elves and also the Hobbit Dwarves. I also really like the Moria Goblins. And the LotR Trolls are fantastic as well. Mordor Orcs are pretty good also. These are really nice sets of miniatures.

The bad guy's

For some time now I have wanted to use them with the Kings of War rule set but I haven't wanted to rebase them. So how to solve my dilemma?

Trolling around on eBay I found some MDF movement trays that take 25mm round bases. These movement trays hold 10, 8 & 6 miniatures. Taking a punt, I bought a stack. I also have some War of the Ring cavalry movement trays for my Warg riders and cavalry. So far so good.

So how does this all translate to the table top using Kings of War (KoW)? Well, see for your self. The trays are bigger than the official bases for KoW, but given that both sides have the same movement tray base this isn't a problem.

A Cargul (Wraith) of Angmar leads the Angmarim

Casualties can be tracked too by simply removing miniatures off the tray, like in many other game systems, without compromising the unit's footprint due to its movement tray. So the only drawback is that the movement trays don't match the official base sizes. Anyway, below are a lot of images of the battle. Unfortunately time constraints didn't permit it to be fully played out. Still it looked impressive enough to warrant its own blog post.

So enjoy the battle...

Glorfindel leads the Alliance