Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Studio Bergstorm's Sing-On D7 Ka-Bingo Heavy Cruiser

It's like an opening scene from a Star Trek movie!

[I updated the OS for my iPhone recently. As a result I haven't been able to get my photos off my phone until today 😒 . Sucks! Anyway, I fixed the problem and am finally able to get back to blogging with stuff that's been sitting on my phone for weeks now.]

Studio Bergstrom Sing-On D7 Ka-Bingo CA

I recently bought some of Studio Bergstrom's Sing-On D7 Ka-Bingo Heavy Cruisers and painted them up.

First observation is that these are really detailed models and nicely made.

The three I bought did have a small crack just below the exhaust intake on the dorsal surface of the secondary hull. However these weren't a problem and quickly disappeared when painted. The mini's were painted in exactly the same process as I have painted my other Klingon ships. So check out the other posts here to see how that was done.

OK, so how does it compare to the Attack Wing K'tinga miniature? Have a look!

The neck and forward hull is sturdier than the Attack Wing model, which I like. I'm not a fan of the small forward hull of the Attach Wing model. It doesn't look like the movie and series versions of the K'tinga class with such a smaller forward hull. Bergstrom nails it in my view and I really like this model.

The impulse engines are correct on the Bergstrom model too. The Attack Wing model's impulse engines are flat and not like the on-screen version.

The detail is fantastic on Bergstrom's model too. I know I'm harping on that. But when you ink this baby up it really pops on the gaming table, especially if you give it a drybrush to highlight those raised areas.

They are roughly the same length too, with the Attack Wing model slightly longer than Bergstrom's version.

(By the way, if you are interested in seeing a previous entry on the size comparisons of other D7 miniatures available, check my blog entry here.)

I will certainly be getting more of these. Roll on payday!