Saturday, 30 September 2017

MOAB 2017 (Mother Of All Battles)

The main hall with games a plenty and trade area

MOAB, the Sutherland Shire Gamer's annual event and Sydney's premier wargaming event, is on this long weekend. I made my way there again this year and wondered through the events and the infamous Bring and Buy (infamous because I always spend way too much money there!) to see what was on offer. Here's my report faithful reader.

Games aplenty

One of the features of this MOAB that wasn't as prominent last year were the number of games being played. Pretty much most of the floor space, with the exceptions of the wall areas and near the entrance, were taken up by competition games being played. The number of different games being played was also higher than I have seen in previous years. The upper space, the stage and half the main flaw were dedicated to game play. I didn't see it this year, but in previous years there were also Bloodbowl games being played in the rooms under the main hall.

Lot's of options

This of course meant that there was little space available for demo games. As such, I didn't get to play Kings of War or other games like last year.

What was great to see was that Epic Armageddon had between four and five tables dedicated to play.

Epic in scope, Epic in proportion!

Each game had at least three Titans on the field and it was great to see these in play. I took a hiatus from the hobby for a couple of decades and missed out of Epic and Warmaster's heyday sadly. But I have been able to amass my Warmaster armies with the help of eBay and so feel I wasn't robbed too much. With GW bringing back Blood Bowl and soon Necromunda, I really hope that Epic and especially Warmaster make a return in the near future too.

Anyway, I digress. I must show off this particular table. This scratch built Imperium frigate dominated the sidelines of this battlefield and looked fantastic.

The Epic Dead... great name for a band!

Batman featured pretty heavily as well.

These guys were still on sale from last year.

Plenty of battles of L'Art De Guerre. Never played it but it looked interesting.

Almost every second table I looked at was Flames of War. Its definitely dominating right now. But Age of Sigmar and X-Wing were also prominently being played this year.

Flames of War

Mad Max style. Can't remember the game's name

This game will trigger SJW's from the USA!

With all the Confederate Statue removals going on in the US right now, thanks to Social Justice Warrior numpties, it was great to see this game of the American Civil War in prominent position in the center of the main hall.

(Warning: I wouldn't blow up this image if I were you. I noticed when I resized it for the blog that there is a dude showing off his bum crack in the background. Yeeeaaawww [insert sounds of vomiting here...]. But then there is also another dude readjusting his downstairs furniture 😒 Sheash, I can't cut a break when taking a photo these days.)

Now, back from barfing in the dunny. Here's some photos to take you mind of that groase stuff.

MDF terrain that you could buy and make these from

As I said, X-Wing featured prominently at MOAB as well.

More MDF terrain

There were some nice scenery tables as well being fought over.

More Flames of War

Flames of War again

And more Flames of War

And more Flames of War...

This years trophies for the Flames of War competition were nicely done.

Trophy anyone?

No idea what this game was

More X-wing. Love that Falcon!

It's like Chess... but with better pieces!

Now, on to the trade floor. There were some really (and I mean REALLY) nicely painted stuff behind cabinets. I say really nice because there is no way I could ever paint that good 😡

This line-up is for an upcoming 18mm Weird World War thingy

Reaper Miniatures very nicely painted (not like my hack job)

These were D&D miniatures

Reaper Miniatures again

Love this one. Make a great addition to my 28mm Undead KoW army

Reaper Mini's again

Look into my eyes! D&D Mini. Love this one!

Reaper Miniatures again

Reaper still

Love the three day growth on this dude. Must give it a go sometime with my mini's

No idea who makes these but they were nice

Back to Reaper

That small dragon would work with 10mm!

And that's it folks. Its still on tomorrow and Monday. But that's MOAB for me this year. I picked up some nice stuff in the Bring and Buy too. A full Warmaster Chaos Army painted was the pick of the day for me. Sweet!