Monday, 4 September 2017

Killer Bugs - Starship Troopers style Arachnids from Shapeways

First archtype is painted

I have wanted to find some Starship Troopers style Arachnid killer bugs suitable for 10mm scale miniatures for ages now.

The flash shows off the colours better

So browsing through Shapeways, I came across Daniel Radcliffe excellent Killer Bugs. Dropping Dradcliffe a line, he was very kind enough to make a version that would work nicely for 10mm (and also 15mm for that fact!).

The scary end!

Called Chopper Bug 5 this little blighter certainly fits the mold of beastie I was after.

First ten Chopper Bugs in White Strong and Flexible from Shapeways

Painting was simple. I used a gloss black spray as both an undercoat and to act as the main colour representing the glossy nature of chitin found on many insects. I then used a bright red and an orange-yellow colour to paint the miniature once the base coat was dry. And that was it!

The backside and underneath of the mini

I based these on a 25mm by 50mm base. The archtype test paint job was painted to act as a guide for the rest of the nest. I'm pretty happy with the colours and so will stick with this colour set for the rest. It just needs some dirt and flock and its ready to go!

From above

I've bought ten of the vermin already in White Strong and Flexible (WSF) as a test. But now that these all printed and are the ideal scale I intend to get more once my wallet recovers from grabbing a bunch of Halo stuff as Spartan Games have gone bust.

So how do they compare scale wise? Below I have placed the Chopper Bug next to some Pendraken 10mm Scifi miniatures and an Epic Scale Landraider. I intend to use these for my 15mm Scifi miniatures as well (when they get painted). So these will make a nice Alien Bug army for Future War Commander or similar ruleset.

Size comparison against 10mm Pendraken Scifi miniatures and an Epic Landraider

One down, nine more of this batch to go!