Sunday, 24 September 2017

Trolls Under The Bridge 10mm range of miniatures

TUTB Wandering Trolls

Trolls Under The Bridge is an eastern European company that produce compatible product lines for Epic, 40K, and Warmaster. You can find their web store is here, but they also list on eBay.

I like the look of their Wandering Trolls and so decided to buy some from their website. I wasn't too confident in the postal system working from eastern Europe to Oz but decided to give it a go a spend my coin. Postage worked out without a hitch and my trolls arrived, with some other goodies from TUTB, within about a month.

I have to say that their miniatures are excellent. I'll show you some images below of what I received, and of their product line. But I must say that there were no issues in purchasing and shipping from them. So if you like the look of their items below. Don't be intimidated about whether your items will turn up or not. I certainly will be buying more from them in the future. So here's my merch...

Heroes, Warriors of Erebos

Size comparison to 10mm GW Warmaster Chaos Marauders

They come with nice movement trays for the Warriors

Their Wandering Trolls

Size comparison to the GW Warmaster Marauders

Warriors are of metal but the trolls are made of hard plastic

I haven't taken them out of their packets yet as I won't be getting around to painting them for some time. But they look excellent and their Wandering Trolls could even double as 15mm Orcs or 28mm Goblins in my view.

Below are some images taken from their website of their 10mm products painted. They have done an excellent job in detail and variety of models. So if you like what you see, feel free to order from their website rather than just through their eBay store.