Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Drain the swamp! Mewlips and Necromancer for Chaos Wars

The latest addition to my growing Chaos Wars forces is a unit of Mewlips and a Necromancer.

The Mewlips

The Necromancer

A Mewlip is a mythical creature from a Hobbit poem. You can find more out about them here.

Magical light illuminates the Necromancer

The Mewlips are from Mithril Miniatures and the Necromancer is from Iron Wind Metals range.

Being a creature that inhabits the fetid swamps of Middle-earth, I wanted to base the Mewlips as emerging from swampy or marshy soil. So I used a craft glue to produce the water features on the base and larger vegetation and organic colour to show a marshy soil.

The Mewlips emerge

On swampy ground

I have still to paint the Mewlip eyes a red colour. But now that I have painted them as they are now, I am in two minds as to whether or not to just leave them as they are now and not paint the eyes red. Painting these guys was simple:

  • Base coat the model in Chaos Black spray
  • Wet brush in dark grey colour over the entire model but leave the black base coat in the recesses
  • Heavy dry brush in Administratum Grey over the entire model
  • Ink the weeds/hair/cloths in a green ink

Now all I need to do is make their movement tray also look swampy.