Tuesday, 7 August 2018

To Ink, or not to Ink. That is the question.


I recently bought some of the Confrontation line of miniatures released by Rackham. They have since been released as Confrontation Rag'narok miniatures by Rackham and come in boxed sets.

The new miniatures are plastic, the originals being unpainted metal mini's, and come already painted to a tabletop standard. Looking at the out-of-the-box miniature the painting level was fairly good. But I decided to paint the toe nails and the spear heads of the miniatures and then ink the whole model in Agrax Earthshade.

The comparison can be seen in these images of the Wolfen clan. All in all, I think its worked out well and would recommend doing it as it really brings out the muscular structure of the Wolfen. I intend to use these for a Chaos Wars / Kings of War Werewolf/Beastman clan.

Another point to note is that the bases that come with the miniatures here are 40mm and so fit in to War of the Ring cavalry bases (with a bit of encouragement!). So I just painted and flocked the base accordingly. Simples!