Thursday, 17 April 2014

On the Painting Table.... Abomination 10mm Ogres

Abomination produces two sets of 10mm Ogres, Cannoneers and Fighters. They look pretty good, so wanting to increase my Warmaster Ogre Kingdoms army I purchased a few packets recently. They do look good and are a nice mini however they are on the small side when compared to GW Warmaster Ogres.

Here's a comparison shot showing the (left to right) Abomination Ogre Fighters, Abomination Ogre Cannoneers, GW Warmaster Ogres (with an Abomination Ogre in the middle of them for a size comparison) and GW Warmaster Chaos Marauders.


 A close-up of the size difference between the Abomination Ogre and the Warmaster Ogres and Chaos Marauders.

Last shot here shows the size of the Abomination Ogre models. The models are roughly 15mm in height. So they will work on a 10mm battlefield, but they will look small compared to their GW Warmaster Ogre cousins.