Monday, 14 April 2014

On the Painting Table.... 10mm Vampire Counts Black Knights

Needing some cavalry units for the Army of the Dead for Angmar, and also my Vampire Counts, Warmaster armies it was time to paint some Warmaster VC Black Knights to look like an Etherial Host.

These guys are no longer available through Games Workshop sadly. They are fantastically detailed miniatures. Games Workshop have made some excellent models in the past that you can no longer get except through eBay. GW surely would still have the moulds for these figures. I just wish they would provide a make-on-demand service that would bring back their no longer available figures in a service where it is made to individual order upon request. Dream on I guess...

These guys are of such detail, that I felt they required a bit more work than what I have done for my other Army of the Dead units. So I chose a paint scheme that was more capable of highlighting the details of these figures. The paint scheme (using Citadel paints) comprised of the following process:
  • Basecoat in Chaos Black
  • Drybrush in Skull White
  • Drybrush metal (armour and weapons) in Boltgun Metal
  • Wash in Thraka Green
  • Lighly drybrush again in Skull White avoiding the armour and weapons
  • Then do a highlighting light drybrush with Tin Bitz over the edges of metal to give a rusty looking highlight. Make sure you don't cover over the underlying green wash in the recesses.
  • Finally do a highlight drybrush on the lower part of the model in Ice Blue in order to give a second ethereal tone to the base of the model.

This colour combination I feel works really well. I will have to try this on more of the Warriors of the Dead to see how they look. It is a time consuming process however and you need very fine flat brushes as well. Don't expect to churn these out too quickly.

Another close-up. You can see the colour differences in this photo better.

Here's how they look on the battle-field (with bases needing to be finished) next to the first unit of the Warriors of the Dead.