Monday, 14 April 2014

On the Painting Table....10mm Army of the Dead, first unit

As part of the Angmar Army for an upcoming Warmaster campaign covering the war in the Northern Kingdom of the Dunedain against the Witch-king of Angmar, I needed to find and paint up some suitable models that look like the GW Warriors of the Dead (see below). Angmar has access to ghostly forces as well as Orcs and fallen Men. So I wanted to paint some units that could be used for both Angmar's Ghostly Warriors and also Gondor's Warriors of the Dead.

Warriors of the Dead
To me, these guy's look sort of Anglo-Saxon in style. So I hit on the idea of using 10mm Saxon forces painted up to look like spirits in order to make my Army of the Dead. Searching around my favourite 10mm suppliers, I hit upon Kallistra minitures 10mm Saxon and Vikings. Looking at the Saxon's Gesiths (H-4002) and Thegns (H-4004), they seem to be a fairly good approximation of The Lord of the Rings movies Army of the Dead.

Here's the first unit painted up. I used the following paint scheme (using Citadel paints) for this unit:
  • Basecoat in Chaos Black
  • Wetbrush in Skull White
  • Wash in Thraka Green ink
  • Drybrush in Skink Blue

A close up of the first unit of the Army of the Dead. The strips come attached as two groups of two figures. So they can be clipped in the centre or you can cut each figure from the strip fairly easily.

Here's the first unit based and ready for flock to be added.

A quick look at how these mini's appear on the battle-field. Now back to more painting...