Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Armbrustschützen (Crossbowmen) have arrived!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was backing Warmonger Miniatures new 10mm German Landsknecht Armbrustschützen (Crossbowmen) Kickstarter.

Well the lads, all four units of them, arrived in the post yesterday. So I thought I would show you a size comparison shot or two with the GW Warmaster Empire Crossbowmen range.

You can see the variety in the selection of miniatures in the above photo. I've placed these ones on a BOFA stand so they appear about 1mm smaller than the GW range. However, they are about the same size and fit nicely to the style of the older GW Warmaster Empire range.

These lads come minted in the same fashion as GW Warmaster skirmishing miniatures of two infantry to a strip. This gives your the flexibility to arrange them how you wish.

I also like the fact that the front row is kneeling down so as to not cop a crossbow bolt to the back of the head. Its a nice detail that means you can chose to arrange them in formal rows or set them up to look like ambushers.

Once again, well done Warmonger Miniatures. He produces some great stuff and I can't wait to see this range grow. So get over to his website and pick up some of these if your after additions to your GW Warmaster Empire range, or just after some excellent 10mm German Landsknecht troops. His website and shop can be found here: