Saturday, 31 October 2015

BRAAAIIIINNNSSS... 1/72 scale Zombies for Kings of War

Given that its that time of the year again, thought I would paint something in keeping with the 31st of October...Halloween (cue thunder, sound of screaming woman nearby and wolves howling in the distance). Yes folks its Halloween and, although I don't celebrate it, it did seem like a good time to paint something frightful. Plus I like Undead Armies. Can't have a fantasy setting without undead roaming around in it somewhere!

So, given I have been on a 1/72 fantasy painting spree of late, what better than to show off my just completed (on Halloween too, spooky!) Caesar Miniatures 1/72 Zombie Camp Followers. Caesar make some great 1/72 plastic fantasy sets and no self respecting necromancer would be seen dead without a cadre or two of fresh Zombies to show off to his mates.

Team Z!

Painting Guide?
  • Fist up, basecoat the blighters in Army Painter Skeleton Bone
  • Then, dry brush them all over in Citadel paints White Scar,
  • Paint the metals (weapons and armour) in Boltgun Metal,
  • Paint the weapon shafts and back of shields with Scorched Brown.
  • By this time, they should look like the lads in the image below: 

  • Paint the clothing in a variety of colours. Whatever you choose will look great once they have been washed and sealed (more on that later).
  • You may want to include some interesting features, such as a grave stone, or Zomb's rising from the grave.
  • Right now, the painting looks like it was done in a kindergarten. But this is all about to change!

Shading and Sealing:
  • Now dip the miniatures in Army Painter Strong Tone and allow to dry. This will give it a deep shade and also seal the miniatures.

Looking better already!

  • Once dry, spray with Army Painter Anti-shine Matt Varnish. Make sure that its not too humid when you do this or the spray coat will look ugly.
  • Next, dry brush very lightly with White Scar over the skin and clothing.
  • Paint blood on the appropriate locations with Blood for the Blood god Citadel technical paint.
  • Now they should look like the below group of images... 

Once properly based, these Zombies look like a shuffling hoard.

I've put this lot into a War of the Ring movement tray to show them off as a unit. However, I will be getting some larger movement trays from eBay with five circular bases across and two rows deep for Kings of War. So I've done a total of ten bases worth so far, with two zombies per base. Ten bases equals ten 28mm Kings of War models for a Troop. So I will be using one movement tray for a Troop, two movement trays for a Regiment, and three for a Hoard.

More images of Team Z below. They still require grass to be added to the base. So not really finished yet but I like how they turned out, especially after how they looked before dipping in Army Painter Strong Tome. Brrraaaiiiinnnnsssss....