Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mantic Games, Kings of War Rulebook version 2

I picked up a copy of Mantic Games newly updated Kings of War rulebook back at MOAB. I've finally finished reading it cover to cover, and thought I would post about it.

First impressions when I picked it up at MOAB was that it was comprehensive. The world background, rules and army lists are all together in the one volume, which is a big bonus. The book itself is very well laid out and comes in a sturdy cover, with lots of colour images and drawings. So I thought I would share some images of it, if you haven't seen it already.

The book is roughly divided into three equal parts which cover the history and background of Mantica, the rules for play and the army lists.

The world of Mantica

The rules are simple enough for even me to understand! Certainly much more simple than Warhammer or War of the Ring, providing for a fast pace game. The rules are also extensive enough to make sure that their complexity makes the game seem not too basic.

All the armies in one place!

My favourite, the Undead

Lots of cool units to traumatise the world of Mantica with...

So this has got me thinking about my 1/72 War of the Ring project. The army lists in WotR should be fairly simple to port across to Kings of War. There are also enough similar style of troops that you could easily find a list for a Warhammer troop type in the KoW army lists.

So my final impressions of the ruleset is that it looks like a great system, easy to learn and play. Its also inspired me to use the KoW rules for my 1/72 WotR project. So stay tuned for more on that in the future.